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Any info on new bakery on Austin St.?

Noticed recently a new bakery is in the works on Austin Street near Lucille Roberts. Anyone know when it's supposed to open, or anything else about it?

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  1. There is also a new Pizza Place down where Austin meets Yellowstone called Amici's just got the Menu (used to be Cami).

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      Last week I noticed a Japanese Food Store on Austin that I never noticed before. Its close to All Natural Market & Nick's Pizza.

    2. The new bakery is called Martha's Country Bakery. I'm assuming it's the same Martha's Country Bakery from Astoria. They're known for their cupcakes. Should be a nice addition to the street.


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        How's the bread there, do you know? I'm dying for some good bakery bread.

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          Have you tried the bread at Bonelle (next to Nick's)? Their quality is really quite good. And while it's not a bakery, I have also bought good bread from Cheeses of the World.

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            I've had the pastries and cookies from Bonelle, but never the bread. I guess I should give it a try.

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              both Bonelle and Cheese of the World get their bread from

              TomCat Bakery - an excellent wholesale only artisan bakery - breads are deliveried fresh daily and truly worth the price.

              Tomcat is in Long Island City but only sells wholesale to accounts. We are fortunate to have an account with them because of our catering business - I always order extra to freeze when we have the occasion to order breads for jobs.

              Definitely try the breads from either place - and if you shop at Bonelles don't be put off by the evil sister - she's often quite rude, but the owner and head baker - is really nice and works so hard to counter act her sister (maybe sister in laws) rudeness.

        2. The new place (Martha's Country Bakery) has opened up. I've gotten cupcakes there twice. They're pretty good. I wouldn't travel too far out of my way for them, but they're a nice addition to the neighborhood. I haven't tried their pies, but I overheard a customer raving about one she had bought the day before.

          1. If they make everything the same way they do in the Astoria one, to me the best thing they have are the buttercream cupcakes. They used to sell cupcakes that were about 3 times as big, and they weren't nearly as good as the little ones they sell exclusively now. I'm glad to see a food place that realizes bigger isn't always better.

            I haven't enjoyed their other desserts as much as they're a little cloying for me, however I do like their spinach pie when they offer it (that might be an Astoria-only thing, and it's not your usual Astoria spinach pie but it's comforting) and I get a cappuccino from them sometimes as well. It is definitely a nice place to stop by.

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              the spinach pie is like the round style that Titan sells for $2.75, except they sell it for $4.75, a bit of a ripoff--you're better off to cross the street and go have the $6 lunch special at Corfu if you want Greek.

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                hm, it's not that expensive at ours. I think it was $3 last time I got it.

            2. Martha's hardly qualifies as a bakery. I've been there a number of times because of their location and available seating. But those are about the only 2 things they've got going for them. While everything looks yummy and the window into the kitchen makes you think they're baking their little hearts out, (and maintaining a clean kitchen) they're not. First, what I've had:
              canolli – the cookie part was soggy (even after I asked and was assured it was crisp)
              lemon pound cake – fine, but nothing special
              chocolate chip cookie – fine, but nothing special
              cupcake – weak, frosting was overly sweet even by frosting standards. It had a sort of granular sugar quality to it.
              Hamantashen – fine, but nothing special
              Spinach pie – greasy bottom, but pretty decent
              Iced Coffee – terrible, super weak, had to send it back and get hot coffee
              Hot coffee – good

              What I’ve seen:
              Deliveries: Giant sacks of flour
              Huge tubs of frosting (What kind of bakery uses packaged frosting?)
              In the kitchen : A big tub of Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough (They don’t even make their own cookies?)

              Lastly, and this one is just a hunch, but…
              I was looking through the window and I saw one guy using a rag/towel to wipe down the big counter. Another guy was using a rag/towel to wipe off his shoes. When he was done he turned to the counter and really, really looked like he was about to wipe it off with the same towel. He saw me looking and tossed the towel in the back. I’d be willing to bet if I hadn’t been looking he would have wiped off the counter with the same towel he had just used on his shoes.

              Why I go there? Anyone who’s ever tried to get a table in Starbucks knows.

              If you’re just looking to get some really good baked goods to go, (at a pretty good price too) head east to Briarwood. I don’t recall the name of it, but it’s on Queens Blvd. (there’s only one bakery there) It’s next to the pizza place. (F train to Briarwood/Van Wyck or Drive along Qns Blvd. it’s between Main St and 84th Drive.) Everything there is great!

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                refer to the above thread where the lack of quality at Martha's was covered in full living color. Yeah, it sucks is the general consensus by those that know quality baked goods.

                Nowhere to sit, but get yourself some of the best rugelach and strudel you'll ever have in your life at Andre's at QB, and then you could go up a block or two to the other starbucks and order coffee and eat your stuff there. They don't care if you do that.

                That bakery on QB near Briarwood is okay but nowhere near as good as Lety's in Jackson Heights, another Italian bakery...where the owner worked at Veniero's for years and makes all their stuff there...

                And the grand prize in Queens goes to Cannelle Patisserie in Jackson Heights, a spectaular French Bakery, of which I haven't had better anywhere as of yet...and certainly not in Queens.

                Some people like Bonnelle on Ascan in FHill's but I never found it special in any way, and if you care about cleanliness --then it always feels and looks kinda grungy to me, which is not something I care for in a bakery.

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                  As Janie has posted the link to that other thread, I'm not going to repeat my opinion on Martha's. Why doesn't the thing about the dough or the frosting surprise me? I may have to do some reconnosaince after the stories posted by mlc.

                  Boy, it may be time again for an Andre's/Knish Nosh run. I can smell the butter from here in Forest Hills. Mmmm.

              2. Martha's Bakery is ok, decent at best. Ive only tried their cupcakes. Their frosting is tooo sweet and it tastes a bit manufactured and the cake portion of the cupcake is not as light and fluffy. However, the red velvet cupcake is yummmy. Thats the only thing Id go back more for. However, Im not fully familiar w/red velvet cake so I maybe a bit naive about what makes a good red velvet cake.

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                  You are too kind. A few weeks after my last post on this thread, friends with small kids took me out to eat for my birthday. The kids thought it would be fun to go to Martha's and there was no way I could get out of it. I took a shot at the bread pudding, but was sorely disappointed. Same problem as with many other items there. Little, if any flavor.

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                    I would like to say that in regards to Martha's Bakery, I have had mostly positive experience's there. Additionally, I feel it's a great asset to Austin Street in terms of aesthetics and quality, and is a big reason why I feel it's important to support a privately owned store, NOT Starbucks!!!!
                    That being said, I have bought many cakes for holidays and for my daughter's 1st birthday. The Napoleon cake was superb, my family was impressed and being Italian, I would not be too quick to say that. Martha's also has very good coffee, cookies and pastry. However, I will admit their cupcakes, with the exception of the red velvet, leave much to be desired. While the fondant looks beautiful, the taste, in my opinion or my 2 year olds opinion, doesn't hold up. On the whole, while I wish Martha's had a larger space, I feel it's a really nice atmosphere (crowded or not) and adds a nice vibe to F.H.

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                      atmosphere only does it for me, when there's a reason to be there, like the food or the drinks, or ice cream, something to ingest!!. Otherwise, I'll take a walk. I'd rather be in a dump with great food, then a cute, pretty, or palatial place with mediocre or lousy food. Just my 2 cents.

                      I just find it bothersome that people don't expect better food-wise, or maybe don't know better food-wise, and are just so grateful that something that looks decent is in their neighborhood. Why is so hard to have both? This is what I can't understand from the places where the food is great, they should clean up and take pride in their appearance and knowing how to safely handle and present food, and from the lousy food places, they ought to put as much effort into the thought of their food as their decor. But, beautiful tasteful food is a crime in my book.

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                        Funny u say this. I always pass Marthas bakery in astoria and their decor is so nice and there cakes and sweets look awesome BUT every time i try something I'm disappointed. As for their cupcakes, they have that eggy smell to them which really maked me want to vomit . Sooo, i stoped going . Sorry Marthas.

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                          Decor is beautiful and window display awesome. However beware everything i've tried is awful. Especially the eggy smelling cupcakes.

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                            Martha's sucks, and so do the rest of the bakeries around the vicinity, except for Andre's. ---And I wouldn't hold out much hope for Europan slated to open, same owners as Aged the steak place, getting universal bad reviews.

                            It would be great to have Cannelle in Forest Hills,--but just wait until Costco opens, people will get all their stuff from their bakery--cheap but mediocre to be kind.

                            It would be so nice to have a bakery with beautiful croissants, artisan cookies, cakes, pies, bobka's!, cupcakes, etc-----homemade gelato----that are fresh-----but alas, I don't think it will be.

                            Europan Cafe
                            Jfk Airport, Queens, NY 11430