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Mar 17, 2007 03:50 PM

Santa Monica in April

My husband and I will be in Santa Monica during the first week in April and would love some restaurant suggestions. We are adventurous eaters and need suggestions for all of our meals. Coincidentally it will be our first wedding anniversary while we are there so we are looking for a meal for that evening as well.

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  1. Santa Monica/Venice is filled with great restaurants:

    Via Veneto
    Chaya Venice
    Whist at The Viceroy
    Locanda Portofino
    Border Grill
    La Serenata di Girabaldi
    Sushi Roku
    newly remodeled restaurant at Casa del Mar
    Lobster (great view)
    (the two listed above are good ideas for your anniversary, because of the views)


    Library Alehouse
    Father's Office (weekends only)

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      Great list yogachik ... all fantastic choices.

      1. For breakfast, go to Amelia's on Main St. (closed on Mondays, and some Sundays).

          1. Few recs above for casual easy places...
            Amandine up on Wilshire toward Brentwood is great for breakfast/brunch/lunch and casual.
            Melisse is high-end French on Wilshire at 11th.
            You might decide one day to head out to Malibu... For great views, you've got Geoffrey's and of course Nobu for sushi.
            You might also decide to head up to Beverly Hills either for the tasting menu at Spago or Urasawa.
            Opinions vary but The Counter is on Ocean Park for burgers.
            Avoid Sushi Roku... not great quality, high prices, scene... blech.
            Tudor House on 2nd for British pastry and/or tea, or casual brunch/lunch.

            1. Don't forget my favorite restaurant in Santa Monica, Michael's over on 3rd street just west of the Promenade. They helped define California Cuisine in the 80's (along with a new restaurant named Spago). The patio is one of the best dining areas in all of Los Angeles.

              There's also Jiraffe on 4th.

              I do also highly recommend Joe's over on Abbott Kinney.

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                where exactly is Michael's??? on 3rd-