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Mar 17, 2007 03:44 PM

London with an almost-Veggie 14 year old

I'm coming to London in April with my sister and 14 year old niece who is mostly a vegetarian. We don't want to spend a lot of money (is that possible?) We wanted to check out some pub food. Is there such a thing as vegetarian pub food? Also we want to do afternoon tea somewhere. Any thoughts on a place that's not too fancy, but a 14 year old would think was fun?

Our current list is:
Food for Thought
Blah Blah Blah
Joe's Restaurant Bar
The Gate
Books for Cooks
plus various Chinatown places

Any comments on any of these places?


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  1. you will get vegetarian food in pretty much every restaurant you go too.

    where are you staying, London is huge.

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      We will be in South Kensington, but willing to travel anywhere for some place fun. We'll be doing all the tourist stuff, so we will be out and about.

    2. eat and two veg is supposed to be good, but i've never been. pretty much everywhere you go will have a vegetarian option, but probably not a wide range to choose from. also you must try out Indian restaurants all of which feature loads of vegetarian dishes.

      1. Thanks for the info. Can't wait to be there!

        1. it's been a few years since i was there, but i had several nice meals at blah blah blah when traveling with veggie friends and staying in shepherds bush. that said, i don't think it's worth a special trip if getting to the area isn't convenient. here's a recent time out review:

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            IThanks....'m glad to see Blah, Blah, Blah is still around. I, too, had a good meal there but it was about 6 years ago. I'm rarely up that way but will remember!

          2. Oh, I used to LOVE Mildred's and Food For Thought when I worked in the West End. Mildred's also had really nice fresh juices. And FFT was very "communal". And Wagamama was always fun. That looks like a good list, although I haven't heard of some of those places. You won't have any problems on the vegetarian front, though. Even the groceries are plainly marked "Suitable for Vegetarians."

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              Any thoughts on afternoon tea? Something not too expensive, but that has that old fashioned vision of tea in London?

              1. re: silly cat

                I haven't been in a long while so not sure about the current food and drink calibre but the Orangery in Kensington Gardens could do the trick for afternoon tea and is a beautiful setting. In the general vicinity of where you are staying.

                1. re: oonth

                  That's where I went last time in London (about 4 years ago) and loved it. I'd certainly have no problem going back there!