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Mar 17, 2007 03:09 PM

Looking for "Supermex" type restaurant

I just moved to the Gilbert/Higley area from O.C. and I'm looking for a place that is similar to Supermex back home. Thanks for the help.

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  1. I didn't know what a "supermex" was (I won't 'splain my thoughts of a tights wearing sombrero wearing super hero). The menu lists ground beef burritos with NO meat??? I don't think you'l find meatless ground beef burritos anywhere else.

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    1. re: austinguy

      I never noticed that. I guess that's why I never ordered that. What they lack in 'splaining they make up in wonderful food.

      1. re: ricomon


        Help out the SW Chowhounders...

        Is SuperMex most like late-night drunk Mexican, drive-through greasy Mexican, Gringo-but-good Mexican (lots of white meat chicken, tomato based salsas that are very mild, etc.), order-at-the-counter California Fresh/Healthy Mexican, hole-in-the-wall Mexican, authentic Mexican, seafood Mexican, spicy Mexican, green chili New Mexican, etc.?

        We WILL share, but don't know what SuperMex has that you need. :)

        Welcome to AZ!

        1. re: HomeCookKirsten

          Supermex is a sit down family owned chain of about 7 restaurants. I would say the food is the hole in the wall variety. If anybody has been to Paco's Taco's by LAX it's very similar except for the fact that there are more outlets.

          1. re: ricomon

            Hmmm, it's just so hard to identify the exact category of Mexican, but I do like Serrano's (several locations) and Mi Patio (again, a few locations around Mesa). Also, I have heard good things about a new place called Cafe Rio.

            All are chains but not too large of chains and have good but fairly low-key, slightly gringo-ized Mexican food.

            1. re: HomeCookKirsten

              Thanks HomecookKristen. Sounds like what I'm looking for. I have a day off coming up and maybe I'll hit up one of them.

              1. re: ricomon

                actually, if it is good hole-in-the-wall mexican you are looking for, i would suggest Filiberto's. i believe there is one in gilbert.

                1. re: dongstadden

                  A lot of people that I've talked to have also recommended Filiberto's. Thanks dongstadden.

                  1. re: ricomon

                    Hey Ricomon,
                    I'm from Orange County originally. I used to frequent Super Mex in Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach, and Belmont. The food was definitely unique--I've lived in the east valley here for about four years and I don't know of anything like SuperMex. I don't think Filiberto's is anything like it either. California Mexican is just different than AZ Mexican.

                    1. re: jasonaz

                      Hey Jasonaz,
                      Went to Filiberto's today and your right, it wasn't like it. The beans and rice were close though. I guess when I take my vacations back home I'll have to fill up.

                      1. re: ricomon

                        If you're looking for good hole-in-the-wall Mexican, check out Guedo's on the SE corner of Arizona and Chandler. It's one of my favorites in the east valley. Chicken burro is awesome!

                        1. re: jasonaz

                          Thanks for the tip Jason, Also can you tell me why they don't have any donut shops here. Is it a law. LOL

                          1. re: ricomon

                            Good question. Maybe they don't have enough police, lol! You're right though, they have a lot less than in socal. Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts is about all you see out here.

                            1. re: jasonaz

                              it's probably not like supermex but you have to go to rito's and have the green chile. it's on 14th street and roosevelt. there are about 4 of us that just had it last week that can't get it out of our heads.

    2. Just started a thread on the LA area board asking what SuperMex is like:

      We'll see what happens with that query.

      1. Ricoman,

        I also live in Higley, but have no experience with SuperMex. My family loves mexican food and here are the places we go to. Nandos at Val Vista and Baseline is decent chain style mexican. They have good margs and good chips and salsa. If you like really hot salsa, ask them to bring some of the habanero salsa from the back. It has been getting some bad press on here, but my family still loves to go to the Los Dos Molinos on Alma School, just north of Broadway. Very spicy New Mexican style mexican food. for a Taco Bar experience, I second the recommendation for Guedos in Chandler. The last place I will add, which I just went to for the first time a couple of weeks back is El Zocalo. Food was average to a little above average, but you can't beat the back patio for ambience. It is also in downtown Chandler.

        Billy Bob