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Maxies Bread RI

Small artisan bread shop in smithfield, wood fired oven (only one i've seen in RI for something beside pizza). They used to sell pastries and the like but now are pretty much only bread. Good crumb, flavor, everything. Normandy rye, 8-grain, and chipotle cheddar loaves are my personal favorite.The best bread i've had in NE, has anyone else tried this place yet?

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  1. Also try Village Hearth in Jamestown...they have a wood oven, bread is great, macaroons are really great!!

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      I'll second the Village Hearth in Jamestown - wonderful stuff, big wood fired brick oven, and an owner from Verona.

    2. The make a darn good pizza crust too...white or whole grain (with spelt). You can buy them at Maxie's, but Whole Foods (at least the ones in Newton, MA) have been carrying them since last summer too! They are thin and have a nice cornmeal coating, so they are really ready to top and pop in the oven. They bubble up nicely!

      1. this sounds very interesting! i just looked at their website (http://www.maxiesbread.com/) but they don't post their hours. do you happen to know what they are? or else i'll just give them a call.

        our absolute favorite bakery so far is still Clear Flour up in Brookline (right behind Herb Chambers on Comm. Ave.) their bread is AMAZING. top favorites are Baguette à l'ancienne and Rustic Italian. we sometimes still make the trip there from Providence and freeze 10 or so loaves :-)

        1. I heard the baguettes at clear flour are killer. Maxies is usually open by eight tuesday through sunday, but i have gone in on monday and before to pick up whatever that has already come out of the oven. The owner (Ron) is pretty relaxed.

          1. bristol bakery is pretty awesome too we love the pizza shells from olgas

            1. FYI: Some of Maxie's stuff I believe is sold in the Whole Foods in Wayland Square as well...

              - Garris
              Providence, RI

              1. Maxie's appears to be closed, anybody know what's up? Please tell me they're on vacation!

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                  Maybe for Passover? I think Max is Jewish....

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                    I've peeked in the door, sign for easter hours is on the floor. they weren't open the day before easter. I've asked the "Observer" local newspaper to look into it. I spend a lot of time in Greenville and asked around, nobody seems to know.


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                      I stoped there today.. Closed..

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                        Just an update for you guys, maxies got evicted from their location. He is currently looking to set up a new operation, but it will probably not be any retail, just wholesale pizza shells and selling wholesale breads to some boutique shops.

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                          RIP Excellent Bread, especially the Oatmeal Loaf

                          I would think that when you commit to installing a behemoth bread oven like that you would have a long term lease?

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                            Well that just sucks.. but thanks for the update.

                            Wonder how long it takes to find a new location and some "boutique shops" to supply. Not to mention, to dismantle & rebuild an oven like that.

                            I considered Maxie's one of the redeeming bright spots around here. Best of luck to Ron, looking forward to finding his bread on the shelves.