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Mar 17, 2007 01:59 PM

Carolina Beach Dinner?

Have a relative visiting the area and they're staying down in Carolina Beach instead of Wilmington. We really just don't get down there that often, so aren't as familiar with the offerings down there. Have eaten at Michael's Seafood, and that's about it. Thought it was average. Anyone have any recommendations for dinner tomorrow (Sunday March 18) night?

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  1. Wow I used to lifeguard and lived there in 1967,,wasnt much there then have heard there isnt much now,,good luck

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      what about the Tuscan Grill.....I hear good things about them.

    2. Back with a report - we did have dinner at Tuscan Grill. It was just fine. I had their pasta with bolognaise and two different meats on the side, one was a beef skirt steak that had been slow roasted for several hours and was very stringy and tender and the other was some good italian sausage. My dish was very good. They also had a pretty nice wine selection and a good bar. My husband had the tuna and some roasted asparagus, our dinner companions had the special fish and their crab cakes. They were very happy with their dinner and my husband said his tuna was very fresh and good. So overall, we were really pleased with the whole dinner.

      Another poster mentioned that it was food they could have fixed at home. Agreed - if you're a pretty good cook. It's not very complicated food, but very fresh and good quality, and honestly, for down in the Carolina Beach area, where there's not tons of restaurants to choose from, it's a great addition. I'm glad we went.