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Mar 17, 2007 01:46 PM


Any recommendations for Cairo? See a few listings for Lebanese and Italian - but would love to try some Egyptian food.

Any help is welcome.

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  1. wish i could help. i never had a memorable meal in cairo. would love to see others recommendations...
    the only good meal i had in all of egypt was inside an egyptian home where the wife cooked...amazing. try and get invited somewhere if you can. seriously.

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      yeah definitely second that . . . the best food in Cairo is in people's homes. and it's not too hard to get an invitation! if you have ANY connection (friend of a friend of a friend . . . or whatever) in Egypt they will surely invite you over if you contact them while you are there!

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        I third this. Egyptian food is not nearly as good as the food from the surrounding Middle Eastern countries. But home cooking is delicious. For me, realizing this was actually better because I was trying to stretch my budget (on a long-ish trip through the Middle East) and Egypt's sites cost more than I expected. When I realized I could feel satisfied with a 10-cent falafel, it balanced out.

    2. Abou As-Sid in Zamalek is nice, upscale Egyptian. Try the rabbit molokhiyya.
      Also good for regular, not fancy Egyptian is Al-Omda. Try the lamb fatta, also they have really good koshary (it is 6LE but well worth it!).

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        Hey there, just got back from Cairo and this was a good recommendation. Also there are two locations (that I know of), one in Zemalek and a new one in the City Stars Intercontinental in Heliopolis.

        The food was fantastic, i only wish that I'd had an invite to someone's home!

      2. My best Cairo meal was at the restaurant in the middle of Al-Azahr Park, which is a must-see for any visitor.

        1. I'd go to Felfela. There is one in Giza, with outdoor seating and a view of the Pyramids, and one in Cairo on Midan Talaat Harb with take away in the front and a sit down restaurant on the side.

          1. well i dont know names of restaurants but u should try these foods:
            koshary,hamam,eggplant with red sauce called mesa23a, feteer meshaltet,om ali,makarona bashamel,rokak,oh and if u want a good seafood restaurant:abou ghali