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Mar 17, 2007 01:13 PM

Glass Mug Question

I had 2 beautiful, elegant glass mugs for years and then managed to break both within 2 weeks and now don't know where to find more. Straining my brain, I think I got them at Peet's and I have not seen them there -- will call them Monday. Might have been Chemex or Bodum. I looked on their websites and one that looks like it says discontinued on the Chemex site.
Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. Crate and Barrel. I'm drinking from a 50 cl "bumpy glass" mug that we bought in a set several years ago.

      1. re: fauchon

        Thanks so much; I'd seen these sites -- nothing exactly the same as my broken ones but from these sites was mentioned and there's one cup that might do even tho it's not exactly the one. I'm including the site here. I'm going to call Chemex and Peets Monday. Thanks again.

      2. We have some lovely glass mugs from Tiffany's. We use them for beer & soda, don't know if they would work for hot beverages. They're quite handsome and have been in daily use for almost ten years with nary a sign of age.

        1. Monday: In case anyone is interested, the beloved mug was from Chemex, probably bought at Peet's even tho the person I talked to at Peet's does not remember this item. Calling Chemex, 800-243-6399, they had 2 sets of 8oz and 1 set of 14oz left since it's been discontinued. I ordered the 14oz set and would order more if they had any. To me, they are just perfect. It's hard to find something I like THAT MUCH!