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Mar 17, 2007 12:46 PM

Name of Indian Restaurant on Route 59?

Does anyone know the name of the Indian Restaurant on Route 59 that everyone keeps recommending to me? No-one knows what it's called and we want to go out for dinner there and somehow I just can't seem to find it (probably because I'm not looking hard enough!) Thanks again-

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  1. Are you thinking of Taal? It's in a motel on the south side of 59 in Nanuet. The other possibility might be Natraz. It's on Main St. in downtown Nyack, which is a continuation of 59.

    1. Thank you - it's either one or the other - both seem good when I check on reviews so maybe we'll just try both of them - any opinion on which one is better? Thanks again-

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        I've not yet eaten at Taal. I've heard that it's good but pricy; I believe it's under the same ownership/management as Cafe Tandoor in Tarrytown. I've had very pleasant dining experiences there--it's also on the pricy side but very good, the place is elegantly decorated, and service is good, so if you want to extrapolate, Taal could be worth a try.

        Natraz seemed great when it first opened, but on later visits the food seemed blander and kind of dumbed down. We ate there last summer and the food was pretty good--not over-the-top, died-and-gone-to-heaven wonderful, but tasty and flavorful.

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          Interesting. I had dinner at Natraz tonight, for the first time. Perhaps because I hadn't been there before, I was not disappointed. Here's my take on it:

          I went to this restaurant as part of a party of four for dinner tonight. The paintings on the wall are loud and the music is a bit New Agey, but the food was not at all similarly cheesy.

          We had the following:

          Garden Salad ($3.95) - Large salad, looked like a typical American salad. I didn't try any.

          Roti ($2.95). Normal roti, several (at least three) slices.

          Eggplant Burta (Eggplant Cooked over Line Charcoal, Pureed and Tempered with Garlic and Spices, $10.95) - Delicious!

          Madras Chicken (Pieces of chicken Gentle Simmered in a Roasted Coconut Gravy with an Assortment of Spices, $15.95) - Excellent.

          Goan Shrimp Curry (which I ordered, $18.95) - Perfectly fine but not notable. I was thinking of the rendition I had had several years ago at Passage to India in Harrisburg, PA, and this version certainly didn't displace those memories but was quite acceptable.

          Chicken Tikka Masala ($16.95) - OK and seemed to be what my friend who ordered this was looking for.

          I had Masala Chai ($3 for a bit more than a cup) and what was supposed to be a plain lassi and was actually pretty sweet ($2.50, I think - the takeout menu I'm consulting doesn't list beverages) with the meal, and a friend had decaf coffee ($2.50).

          We also liked their papadams and sambhars, especially their rendition of the red raw onion/tomato/chili sauce.

          In spite of the garish art and music, I found this a classy, very worthwhile, fairly priced Indian restaurant with some versatility, able to execute dishes from both southern and northern India well. I recommend it.

          Natraz Indian Cuisine
          Special Buffet Lunch Every day (Note: All our food was made to order, and I don't vouch for their buffet lunch)
          125 Main St.
          Nyack, NY 10960
          Tel.: 845-353-6655
          Fax: 845-353-6235

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            I ate at Natraz once, and it will only be once. (It was awhile ago so I don't remember the dishes, though they probably included Chicken Tikka Masala and Palak Paneer). The food was barely decent, and the service was slow (OK, most Indian restaurants are, so that's not a huge negative) and ANNOYING--our waiter kept trying to "upsell" us past the point of politeness. Upsell for those who aren't familiar with the term (I own my own restaurant) is what good waitstaff do in moderate, unpushy ways, meaning they ask once, or at most twice in a courteous and friendly manner, if you'd like drinks if you don't order them yourselves, and then ask if you'd like appetizers, wine, desserts, coffee etc. But this guy wouldn't give up and kept repeatedly suggesting in a pushy way that we order more to the point where it was really annoying. Will try Taal sometime soon, sounds good and I read that most of their clientele is Indian, obviously a good sign.

      2. I am guessing you are thinking of Taal. I have only eaten there once, and thought it was decent. They have a website:

        I have eaten at Natraz twice and woulnd't go back. I found it bland and overpriced.

        My favorite Indian in Rockland (so far) is Priya in Suffern.

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          I'm looking at Priya's prices on their menu, and they don't look very different from Natraz's, unless I'm missing something. I agree that the food wasn't very peppery at Natraz. I thought the hottest dish was probably the eggplant. But I found it all acceptably tasty. I love hot pepper but realize that not all Indian dishes are or have to be very peppery. Besides, I was in Nyack and had to choose somewhere to eat there. I went in without expectations, other than having read the menu, so considering that the place could have been horrible for all I knew, I was pretty happy. If I'm ever in Suffern, though, I'll try to remember to hit Priya!

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            Priya is good, if a little pricy. But then, I guess Rockland County is a pricy place overall. Very good bread. It has that old-style stuffy suited colonial service, reminding me of the first Indian restaurant I ever visited (in Baltimore in the late '80s or very early '90s, when I was a teen-ager).

            I haven't been to Natraz or Taal, but I'd say Priya's prices are definitely about the same as Natraz's, based on your post about Natraz above, Pan.

        2. If you haven't tried Khan Kebabs yet you should try it out it's got authentic indian style food and amazingly flavorfl dishes it's on rt 59 w 130 east spring valley ny