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Mar 17, 2007 12:34 PM

Place to have 40th birthday party

I am planning a 40th birthday party for the fall for my SO - We're in Northern NJ - I'm looking for a place that serves either great American type food (burgers, steaks, etc.) or a Japanese restaurant that has super-fresh and super delicious sushi - it will be 40-50 people and I'm thinking a dinner thing on a weekend night (fri or sat) - I'm not just looking for a place to hold people, I really want it to be excellent food where we can all relax and hang out that people will enjoy. I am on something of a limited budget though I'm not sure just how limited yet - Any suggestions or thoughts as to good places? Can be in Northern NJ or NYC - Thank you!

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  1. I can't give you any suggestions in Northern NJ. However, that part of the state covers a lot of territory, so you might get more replies if you indicated which towns you prefer.

    For NYC, you should post on the Manhattan board. Although you've already described the kind of food and general ambiance you are looking for. But other specifics such as neighborhood(s), private room(?), and per person budget (alcohol, tax & tip included?) would help Hounds provide appropriate suggestions.

    1. Thanks for the tips - Northwest or Northeast Bergen county would be good as far as areas - I'm not thinking of towns in particular - examples might be Allendale, Hackensack, Fort Lee kind of thing-

      I guess I'm thinking under $30 per person - hadn't thought about alcohol and such. A private room would be good as there will be so many people.

      I will post on the Manhattan board as well -

      1. Sushi Samba is a fun, hip take on Sushi and the location in the west village (NYC) has a roof deck. Not expensive at all. Could work...

        1. Thanks - I've never heard of it but I am going to look into it and add it to my list of "maybe's" - thanks again-