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Mar 17, 2007 12:28 PM

German Restaurant

Does anyone know of any good restaurants featuring German food? I heard there was one in the West part of Toronto - maybe near Islington?

If anyone has any suggestions, it would be appreciated.


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  1. You're thinking of the Musket on Advance near Dimpflemeiers bakery just east of Kipling. Good honest Bavarian food-- no pretense.
    Amadeus on Richmond and York also has good Bierstube type food but a bit pricier than Musket.

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    1. re: ishmael

      Ah, fond memories of the musket. I've never had a bad meal there and the german beers on tap always go down a treat. It's actually frequented by a lot of west-end germans including the friend who is always my excuse for making the trip.

      1. re: yoyodyne

        the last time I went there, there were a lot of CHinese people there. SO, being the curious guy that I am, I asked them and they said that there are advertising in Chinese newspapers. All the chinese people there seem to be eating the pig's leg, whatever it is called. Interesting but i dont see any ads in the Korean papers

        1. re: juunbug25

          A little segue, Chinese people (especially Hong Kong people) are very obsessed with a particular German dish (specifically the smoked Pork Hock Schweinshaxe) and will go to great lengths to find it. Hong Kong style cafes will serve a version transliterated to "German Salted Pork Hand" which when comapred to Schweinshaxe isn't very similar (it's not smoked).

    2. Little Bavaria in Scarborough (3222 Eglinton just east of Markham Rd.). Located in a strip mall (is there any other kind in Scarboorugh). Outside it doesn't look like much, but inside is nicely decorated and clean. German serving staff give it an air of authenticity. Food is the usual fare...about 15 different schnitzels, spatzl and loads of German beers. Nice desserts too. Not too pricey either.

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      1. re: Finnegan

        Real German food is hardly schnitzel. They have it, but it is no big deal. Wurst is the big think, Schinken is big too. I've never seen many German of most popular specialties like Forelle Blau and Strammer Max on menus here. And if it doesn't have the ubiquitous roumalade sauce, it hardly qualifies as a German restaurant.

        1. re: Finnegan

          Little Bavaria is ok. Back in the day they used to have a fantastic marzipan strudel however over the years the quality has dropped.

          Try Blue Danube. It's a nice place on just of McCowan by the 401.

          1. re: Connoisseur

            I agree with Blue Danube...only ever gone there for lunch. The menu is basic (lentil soups, roast pork, various types of potatoes, etc.), but the food is prepared with love and care. For some it may be a bit starnge to go to a restaurant located in German/Austrian coop apartment building, but at least you can be assured the food is authentic.

          2. re: Finnegan

            Do they serve Schweinshaxe or any kind of pork knuckle? I am craving for knuckles at the moment.

              1. re: peasontoast

                I just looked at their menu, and they say B.B.@ pork Hox, which I am sure is Schweinshaxe.
                I don't understand the BBQ, as the best part is the crunchy skin from the frying and roasting.
                Have you had it there?

              2. re: 325i

                Is the Pope German??? Of course they serve Schweinhaxe .

            1. Though more a lunch thing, the hot eats counter at Brandt Meats in Mississauga is HDL Heaven.Hyper-fresh wurst, sauerbraten, rouladen, etc. All wurst is made about 50ft. from the counter,OK? Only catch is that they're open just Wed-Sat and close up about 5.Great Mittel Europe groceries, too. After tanking up, visit the meat counters for more to take home.Worth a trip.

              1. Not sure if it's too north / not German enough, Graystones in Aurora serves decent Schnitzel and other Austrian / South-German fare like Sauerbraten and Spaetzle.


                1. I recommend the Hessenland Inn. It is two hours from Toronto, but a neat place. Hessenland is a province (i think!) in Germany.

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                      1. re: yoyodyne

                        The review is two years old. In any case, I don't think they're in business anymore.