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Mar 17, 2007 12:09 PM

aquaviva or northside trattoria, westfield?

better food, ambience?

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    1. re: maryelizabeth

      great, any info on parking -- it says permit, do they mean the train station? not from westfield and unfamiliar w/ territory... thx

    2. There are two municipal lots nearby with meter parking. I don't think you have to pay after 7pm. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding a space. We sometimes park in the southside train station because it's easy to find a space in the evening. I don't think they check permits after 6pm. If you do that, you'd have to walk thru the train station tunnel to get to downtown, which is on the north side of the tracks. The municipal lots are much closer.

      1. aquaviva, hands down. DITTO.
        Same holds tru of street parking if you can find a space.

        1. Aquaviva no contest. No meter after 7pm for sure, no fee on Sundays. Parking can be difficult in Westfield at times. You may have to circle around a few times but usually not too much. It's a small town so no matter where you park, it's walking distance to the restaurant.

          Food at Aquaviva is very good, we've eaten there a lot. Very romantic atmosphere, good service. You'll enjoy yourself quite a bit. The seafood crepe appetizer is to die for :-)

          1. great thanks for all info!