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what about these choices.

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Hi we are staying at the W and they suggested these.. along with Toque and Le Pied de Cochon..thinking those are a go..
Bronte..Juni.. Europea.. La Queue de Cheva.. L'Express.. We have four nights there so we are looking for a variation.. thanks!!

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  1. Search the board, there's plenty written about those five choices. Bronte, Jun-i, and Europea are on my must try list. The Queue is an excellent, very expensive steakhouse with a criminally overpriced wine list. The atmosphere is lush, opulent and macho and the staff waits upon you hand and foot. I tend to think of it as a place newly rich people go to flash their cash (because that's what I did back in the nineties). You know your taste best of course, but I ask you: With only four days to spend in Montreal and given so many unique and interesting dining experiences available, is a steakhouse where you really want to eat?

    1. Sorry, Karen. I just realized I already told you about Queue de Cheval in another thread. Ignore me. I'm old and I repeat myself.

      1. It's been a few years since I last went to Bronte, but when I did I was wowed. I have been often disappointed by fine dining experiences, but the few truly magical experiences have encouraged me to keep searching. Bronte ranks as one of these, with a masterful level of quality, service, and presentation.

        As for L'Express it is the closest experience I've had to being in a Paris bistro in Montreal- atmosphere is perfect. Food was solid quality, but didn't blow me away- this could be because I am not the hardcore carnivore of my dinner companions, as they all seemed pretty gleeful as they gnawed on stewed bone marrow.

        1. If I can say something is : DON'T GO TO LA QUEUE DE CHEVAL. It's a flashy and expansive place that not consider the food.
          Yesss for LE PIED DE COCHON, JOLIFOU (my discover of the year), on Beaubien East and LA MONTÉE DE LAIT, sur le Plateau.