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Mar 17, 2007 11:25 AM

what about these choices.

Hi we are staying at the W and they suggested these.. along with Toque and Le Pied de Cochon..thinking those are a go..
Bronte..Juni.. Europea.. La Queue de Cheva.. L'Express.. We have four nights there so we are looking for a variation.. thanks!!

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  1. Search the board, there's plenty written about those five choices. Bronte, Jun-i, and Europea are on my must try list. The Queue is an excellent, very expensive steakhouse with a criminally overpriced wine list. The atmosphere is lush, opulent and macho and the staff waits upon you hand and foot. I tend to think of it as a place newly rich people go to flash their cash (because that's what I did back in the nineties). You know your taste best of course, but I ask you: With only four days to spend in Montreal and given so many unique and interesting dining experiences available, is a steakhouse where you really want to eat?

    1. Sorry, Karen. I just realized I already told you about Queue de Cheval in another thread. Ignore me. I'm old and I repeat myself.

      1. It's been a few years since I last went to Bronte, but when I did I was wowed. I have been often disappointed by fine dining experiences, but the few truly magical experiences have encouraged me to keep searching. Bronte ranks as one of these, with a masterful level of quality, service, and presentation.

        As for L'Express it is the closest experience I've had to being in a Paris bistro in Montreal- atmosphere is perfect. Food was solid quality, but didn't blow me away- this could be because I am not the hardcore carnivore of my dinner companions, as they all seemed pretty gleeful as they gnawed on stewed bone marrow.

        1. If I can say something is : DON'T GO TO LA QUEUE DE CHEVAL. It's a flashy and expansive place that not consider the food.
          Yesss for LE PIED DE COCHON, JOLIFOU (my discover of the year), on Beaubien East and LA MONT√ČE DE LAIT, sur le Plateau.