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Mar 17, 2007 11:13 AM

Stranded by airline - need dinner ideas

I had business meetings Thursday and Friday in Westchester County. My flight last night was cancelled, as was my flight this morning. I'm hoping to get back to L.A. tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I'm making the best of my situation. I had a lovely time shopping today and I'm looking forward to a nice dinner. But I could use some help to choose a restaurant.

I'm staying at a hotel on Grand St. between Centre and Lafayette (kinda between Chinatown and Little Italy). I'd prefer a restaurant within walking distance (yes, I have snow boots). Budget isn't a huge concern, but nothing too outrageous. I'll be alone, so a place that treats singletons decently would be a plus. I eat everything - I love ethnic food, spicy, French, whatever!

Any suggestions?

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  1. I can't recommend Landmark highly enough. It's at 158 Grand Street, between Centre & Lafayette, so you sure can't find anything more convenient. Excellent and diverse Continental/American menu, fabulous wine list (half-bottles). Very nice service and a nice, buzzy atmosphere. There are some two-tops and I believe that you can also eat at the small bar. I remember a very friendly bartender.

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      Not to be picky about it, especially since "purplescout" already found some good places (good catch, going to NY Noodletown, by the way), but Landmarc is at 179 W Broadway, between Leonard & Worth St. A little more of a walk but I agree that it would have been a very nice choice.

      1. re: Steve R

        You're absolutely right! I looked up Landmark, not Landmarc!

    2. If, you like Malaysian food, You can check-out Nyonya on Grand St. between Mott and Mulberry. So, just walk towards the direction of Chinatown (towards Lafayette St). I like the roti canai, beef satay and char cheow tsao (sp?) noodles. They have some spicy stuffs on the menu as well. Any place in NYC treats singletons pretty well so, don't need to worry about that over here ;-)

      1. Hi purplescout,

        Sorry to hear your situation. Deenso and nyufoodie have both suggested excellent choices, and I will throw out a few more options for your consideration:

        For an easy, inexpensive, no-frill sandwich, you can go to Despana on 408 Broome St(which I think is just a block or two from your hotel). Despana is a spanish gourmet store but it also has gourmet sandwiches with serrano ham, chorizo, and so forth. The food is very delicious and only a few bucks each! You can also have some spanish sweets and drinks. This will be take-out but you can get some more for late night and tomorrow on your flight.

        - Li Hua on 171 Grand @ Baxter is a decent korean restaurant with good Korean comfort food

        - You can also venture to Chinatown for chinese food. Joe's Shanghai has some great soup dumplings (expect a line though)

        Hope you have a safe trip tomorrow!

        1. From between Centre and Lafayette, you want to walk towards Centre, not Lafayette, to get to Mott/Mulberry.

          1. If it's just you, walk north a couple of blocks to Spring Street. Make a left and walk in to Balthazar, one of the best in town.

            - Sean