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Mar 17, 2007 10:45 AM

Seeking recs. for large-group dining in Santa Fe

Greetings fellow gourmands,

My g-friend turns 40 this July and we are taking a large group to Santa Fe to celebrate. We're looking for a nice place that can take a large group (18-20), mainly omnivores but a couple of semi-vegan spice-phobes. We are looking for either really authentic 'edge of town' style, or for a nicer place that is worth spending some $$$. Seems like lots of super-touristy joints in SF, so we'd like to avoid paying a lot for a bad expereinece.

We'll be there for several days so any other recommendations on Santa Fe faves will be welcomed as well. Thanks in advance!!


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  1. Not sure what you mean by "authentic 'edge of town' style"? What kind of cuisine do you want? Fun atmosphere, or a bit more classier, or really elegant? I'll try to help if I know more.

    1. Thanks for asking. By 'edge of town' I was trying to refer to what people call 'classic Chowhound'; the place that's kind of a dive but has amazing food and is really authentic. It can be tough to find a place like this if you're not local.

      We're also looking at some of the snooty places like The Compound, Geronimo, Coyote Cafe, Anasazi, but maybe not for the large group dinner. We're not afraid to check out a dive, and we're not afraid to spend some money to get a memorable experience.


      1. Try Harry's roadhouse, they are "edge of town". They offer pizza, sandwiches, burgers, salads, pastas, Cajun and Asian cuisine as well as old fashioned comfort food. The desserts are GREAT! They offer a little for everyone, nice atmosphere.

        1. The Cowgirl Hall of Fame is fun and has good food to boot! May be what you are looking for?

          1. I have 2 more for you --
            La Choza, which is the lesser touristy sister of The Shed and every bit as good.
            Bobcat Bite, for that edgy feel you wanted.