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Mar 17, 2007 10:41 AM

Good but Reasonable?

I'm volunteering with my daughter for several days in New Orleans beginning this Wednesday. We both love great food but my pocketbook doesn't always go along for the ride! Many of the dinner suggestions here sound wonderful - but really expensive. Any suggestions for good lunches/dinners that top out at the $20 -30.00 range? Not expecting that to include alcohol, of course. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Napoleon House and Pierre Maspero's in the French Quarter are great for classics and decaying charm.

    1. Try Adolfo's on Frenchman St. It is above a bar, sort of divey, but great food. In the French Quarter, Coop's Place is good, and I've heard good things about Eat. Uptown try Casamento's and Crepe Nanou. Jacque-Imo's would be in that price range if you refrain from a bunch of appetizers, you get a very large amount of food with the entree, so they are not really necessary.

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        Eat has a GREAT menu on Sat and Sun, shrimp and grits and grits and grillades are my fav's
        also try the Praline Connection

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          Where is Eat? Our extended family has a trip planned in June to the French Quarter and I have been reading and gathering all the info about the best places to eat. Have not been able to google any info on Eat.

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            Dauphine and Dumaine if I am correct...it good for both breakfat and lunch/dinner, and pretty reasonable especially when you consider its BYO.

            The Eggs Dauphine are great.

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              Thank you...makes me hungry now! Can't wait. Certainly will check it out! Where do you suggest for the best seafood gumbo ..and having grown up in Gulf Shores I have not found many places that live up to my expectations of GOOD seafood gumbo.

      2. Juan's Flying Burrito is a fun Magazine St. hangout, and I really like the middle eastern food at Mona's (Carrollton near Claiborne, and Magazine St. also). Jacques Imo's is outstanding, one of the best at any price range. Only open for dinner, and can get crowded- and they don't take reservations, so showing up around 5:00 makes it work. That's on Oak St.off Carrollton.

        I just went to Coyocan last night and had some great Mexican fare in a REALLY authentic place. The dining room is pretty upscale, and they have expensive dishes and drinks to complement that, but they also have $4 burritos and the like. It's right on St. charles at Martin Luther King Dr.

        In the quarter, Acme Oyster house does great friend seafood and the Gumbo Shop does nice traditional New Orleans food, if a tad overpriced due to it's location.

        2 nights ago, my wife, 7 month old and I all went for dinner at Liuzza's by the Track on Lopez St. off Esplanade. It's a unique neighborhood bar/restaurant. Really small, only like 10 tables. Really friendly staff, and most of the patrons seemed to all live in the neighborhood and were really friendly. They have a small menu of po-boys, red beans and rice, etc. I had a good fried seafood platter for $15. They have music on Thursdays, and we saw a little blues band around 7:30 PM. Our baby's first!

        1. Do you know what part of the area you'll be working/staying in?

          We've been in Slidell at least ten times and the traffic is much worse than before K and the restaurants still close early and have limited menus.
          Uptown, the small restaurants near Tulane are open and reasonable.

          Parking in the French Quarter is the nightmare it always has been (and for over a decade we owned a place there and could search for a legal parking place.)

          IF you are going to Plaquemines Parish, ask locally if Rocky and Carlos or if Favolare's Italian Food Store Restaurant have reopened.

          Do the foodstores in Metairie still have entrees made in the store packed for take out?

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            Thanks for all of these suggestions - you're wonderful. We've had to cobble together places in different locations because there's a huge cardiology convention this weekend. We're staying two nights in the French Quarter, 1 night in the garden district, we still don't have anything for Saturday night, and Sunday night we'll have to stay near the airport! Thanks again for all of the help. I love this site!!!

          2. Make sure you grab a lunch at Mother's (love that place) and you can't go home without a famous Muffelatta Sandwich at Central Grocer in the french quarter. The best roast beef po-boys are at Parasols - little irish pub in the garden district (fun trolley ride in a nice area of New Orleans).