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Mar 17, 2007 09:52 AM

Help - Maple Grove restaurant - after movie

Okay, so I enjoy going to the movie theateres in Maple Grove (one is big stadium seating and the other, CHEAP with seating and screens similar to the Lagoon) but food options. I am lost. We are going to see "300" tomorrow with another couple and we've opted for dinner afterwards.

Anyone? We once left the theater starving (skipping the popcorn) and decided (please don't judge me yet) that we've not been to a Red Lobster and tried it. SODIUM OVERKILL. It was awful - the fish/seafood all tasted as it was injected with salt. Never again.

So, we've run back to the cities for food - but there HAS to be someplace decent in Maple Grove will all that is going up! We'll be in jeans and sweaters and reasonably hungry at 6:00PM - any suggestions? Decent burgers, pastas, steaks.......


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  1. I think its pretty much all chains up there in "downtown" Maple Grove, with darn near all the chains represented. If you like Buca there's one on Main Street.

    I enjoyed the Claddagh Irish Pub the one time I ate there. Guiness, of course, and a creditable plate of "world famous" fish'n'chips:

    (The chowhound formerly known as Neitz)

    1. Thanks EoS - might be fun to go the "day after St. Patty's Day" to an Irish Pub!