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Mar 17, 2007 09:37 AM

Burlington/outskirts VT wine paired dinners

Lots of good chefs/restaurants doing wine paired dinners lately. The Kitchen Table in Richmond had a 4 course, $150. offering a few weeks ago that I heard was just outstanding. Alas, a little steep for my pocketbook! I see that Mary's a Baldwin Creek has one in the works- mentioned in their monthly news letter. Taste on the waterfront (Burlington) is having a 7 course wine dinner for $79 in early April that I might try- It's on a Thursday night though- I may have to take Friday as a personal day! The menu looks very interesting.


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  1. I'm sure the Kitchen Table dinner was excellent but $150 / person is certainly pricey. I have attended wine dinners at the Kitchen Table that were excellent and they were priced at around $75.

    Hopefully more restaurants will begin to offer this type of dining experience as well as having flights of wine available.

    1. Well- I made my reservation (Taste) and fully intend on taking the next day off! The gentleman who took my call said they are also planning a beer paired dinner soon. I'm not a beer drinker but it certainly sounds unique.

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        Very interesting- I just received an email that the menu has changed slightly- They are offering Kumamoto oysters in place of the caviar course- I haven't had those since I was in Tokyo years ago. What a unique surprise!

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          Are any other Burlington/Northern VT hounds attending this dinner? It would be fun to compare notes!

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            We may go (6:00 if we do). It all sounds great except the lamb entree (just my opinion).

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              FYI-I called this morning to confirm and add one guest to our table and they have only about 10 seats left....

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                  We are in at 6:00 with notes to follow ! Enjoy (as much as I love wine, it is really hard to top great oysters and ice cold vodka !)

        2. Hen of the Wood in Waterbury (old Mist Grill site) does some dinners in connection with the local food movement. I think they are $50 but even that is too pricey for my pocketbook, so I have no personal experience, but friends of mine that have been just rave about the experience.

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            That is a great setting and I have had some great meals there when it was the mist Grill.

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              I have friends who went to the Hen of the Wood for the first time last night - I haven't been- I'm looking forward to their review!

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                I just returned from another fabulous meal at Trattoria Delia, and on my way out, I noticed they are doing a wine paired dinner as well! I can't remember the date exactly (too much wine, lol) but I think it was April 24th. The notice said to "inquire within", and there is nothing on the website at the moment. Zowie!

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                  I'm sure they will do an excellent job. Stay tuned for Taste reviews !