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Mar 17, 2007 08:50 AM

Me and the Boys

Goin to NOLA late April with my husband (business/fun).... and, I have the "duty" of reserving a table for a Monday night :( ....for 4 important "clients" and us! They are a fun group and like good food. I desperately need the board's help!.........Alice

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  1. Provide a little more information please. Money no object? Elegant setting or does not matter? Food more important than setting? and finally, Do you want to be near your hotel or do you mind a drive?
    For example, Moscas is one of my favorite restaurants in the city but it is a good 30 minutes away. Do you want a fun place that is bustling and crowded like Clancy's or a quieter place like Delmonico's? Just curious. I can help you if you can narrow it down. Also, many restaurants are closed on Mondays so your choices will be fewer than mid-week.