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Mar 17, 2007 07:59 AM

Sitram / Paderno in the UK?

Hello all. A newbie here.

First, an excellent site; I'm gutted I only bumped into it now.

Anyway, to the point: I'm trying to get my hands on some Sitram and / or Paderno pans (ideally a Sitram sauté pan and a Paderno rounded sauteuse.

I thought of posting on the UK / Ireland forum but it all seems very 'where can I eat well' and not so many hardware-related topics

So, does anyone in the UK have Sitram or Paderno pieces which they found in the UK? No probs if it is an online store, I'm not very well located anyway.

Cheers, Craig

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  1. Can't help you about your question, but in case you haven't seen the Paderno sauteuse in person, I should point out that it deviates somewhat from the traditional shape. Click the attached image. The one on the right is a Sitram (which has the traditional shape/proportions). The one on the left is the Paderno. The Sitram shape makes stirring around the corners and flipping food easier. The Paderno is also taller.

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    1. A priori

      Thanks a million. For reasons which now seem odd, I had thought Sitram did not make a conical sauteuse. That's wonderful to know

      Still, gotta find someone in the trade who can get their hands on em, as they just don't seem to do retail.

      Cheers, Craig, a complete amateur:-)

      1. I just got a very nice sitram sauce pan on

        1. Hi. Thanks for the amazon tip. Sadly, they don't ship from the US to the UK, at least not these items. Still, gives me a better look at them.

          The prices are extremely reasonable !

          ATB, Craig

          1. I would check two cookware suppliers in New York: Bridge Kitchenware ( and J.B. Prince ( Bridge sells both Sitram and Paderno; J.B. Prince sells Sitram and Mauviel. Both offer reasonable prices, and accept orders from all over the US; there is a good chance that either would be willing to ship to the UK as well.