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Mar 17, 2007 07:57 AM

Looking for Ethnic Gem in Manhattan

Looking for recommendations for reasonable ethnic spots in the city. Was recently at Kuma Inn. Any ideas of similar spots?

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  1. I think that picking a certain type of food and searching (scroll up!) for it will be more useful than asking about all ethnic food. It's a little too broad.

    1. I assume you are asking for ethnic spots that are not commonly seen in the city, as there are so many ethnic cuisines (Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, etc.) that it will be hard to just suggest a few. Around Lower East, Lower West, East Village, and Soho, I have seen a few:

      For Moroccan, there are a few like Cafe Magador
      For Tibetan, there are Cafe Himalaya and Tsampa
      For Eastern European, there Veselka, little Veselka, Little Poland Restaurant
      For Burmese, there is Village Mingala
      For Cuban, there are Cafe Canbana and Sophie's (at various locations), and probably tons that I don't know
      For Afghan, there is Khyber Pass at St Marks Place
      For Argentinean, Ruben's Empanada's at various locations
      For African (I think it is Ethiopian, but I could be wrong), Meskel is on 3rd Street
      For Turkish, Turks and Frogs on Greenwich
      For Middle Eastern, Alfanoose on Maiden Lane in downtown

      Unfortunately I haven't had the change to frenquet these places, (I have only been to one or two times for each and usually for quick bites) so I can't give you any objective comments. I am sure there are a lot more options out there, and I hope other hounds will be able to give you more help.

      1. Indian - Tamarind (Amazing)
        Lebanese - Al Bustan