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Steakhouse advice

Coming from out of town w/ two hungry, sullen 15 year olds, want to wow them at a NYC steakhouse. Any suggestions?

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  1. Peter Luger's is top notch and is my absolute favorite.

    BLT Prime or BLT Steak are also superb (their popovers are complimentary and reason enough to go there).

    Sparks is great and big and old-school.

    1. Our favorite is The Knickerbocker, which serves steaks like Peter Luger but has an extensive menu and everything is great. It's on University & 9th so the neighborhood is nice. It's cheaper and we like it a lot better than the traditional steakhouses.

      1. Knickerbocker and Luger's should never be mentioned it the same sentence. Sorry.

        Wolfgang's (tribeca or midtown location) is great. Similar to Luger's and last minute reservations are possible. Go there!

        1. BLT Steak has great sides, but I was very underwhelmed by the meat. If the 15 y/o's are boys, they'll appreciate Strip House, but they are my favorite regardless. Always solid, and fantastic strip steaks

          1. you will get tons if you search steakhouse on here
            i like
            lugers(steak for 2)
            striphouse(great sides truffle cream spinach)
            blt steak(popovers wow!)
            many on chowhound reference keens i need to try....

            1. After pretty much doing the whole round of steakhouses over the years, I tried Keens for the first time. The mutton chop was huge and amazingly delicious...I highly recommend. Also, like many of the above, I am a big fan of the Knickerbocker T-bone....great steak without all the aura of a steakhouse.

              1. Kobe House!! (Just kidding)

                Actually, of the new steakhouses, Porter House in the time warner center is actually quite good and has a very nice "big city" sleek atmosphere to it.

                For the old school steakhouse style, can't go wrong with Lugers. If you can't get in, go to Sparks.

                1. I agree about Porter House. The chili-rubbed ribeye was the best steak I had this year. Don't forget about Frankie & Johnnie's, Keen's, and the Bull & Bear in the Waldorf Astoria hotel. Three old school steakhouses that are top rate.

                  1. Peter Luger's really is the Gold Standard that everything else has to live up to. That said, Wolfgang's on 33rd and Park Ave is very good. Smith & Wollensky has a pretty good steak, despite being a chain.


                    1. Gallagher's with the steaks dry agining in the window is what will WOW your 15 year olds. All others mentioned are good, but lack that WOW factor. Midtown.

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                        If a window to see aging beef is the required Wow factor...go to BLT Prime. Much nicer place all around and has said window. Full review forthcoming.

                      2. Yabbut unless Gallagher's has gotten its shit together in an almost unfathomable way, the window is the only thing worth going there for.

                        For sullen 15 year olds especially, I'll add another vote for Peter Luger's. With any historical perspective, very few of the current myriad steakhouses are anything like "New York institutions." What they are is fresh meat for "foodies." You can get a reasonably good steak at a number (too many IMHO) of places these days, but there's nothing like having a large side-section of beautifully cooked steer plopped down on the table still sizzling in front of you in the 19th century building that - restorations and decorating aside - looks much like it ever would have.. The service is good, but not in the least frou-frou or with a "this-isn't-really-my-real-job" attitude. They'll like it - as my now somewhat-less-sullen 17 year old nephew would say - "trust me on this." LOL (This one's bday and mine are a couple of days apart and he loves to go for his/our birthdays.)

                        The steak at the one in Great Neck is good, but while they tried to imitate the "atmospherics" they - inevitably - failed. Good food, but not at all the same "experience."

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                          How exactly pretell is it not together?

                        2. At one point some years ago (5, 6?), I ended up being dragged their serially 3-4 times in a few months. The food wasn't very good. The steaks were steak and all, but it was like, steak for people who go to steakhouses to drink (and in the old days smoke cigars), not for people who went for the food. I'm not saying no one should ever darken their doorstep, but to my mind, there's nothing in the least destination-worthy about it. It'd be like going to Patsy's further up Broadway "for the food."

                          1. You got burned out the place, I understand. It happens to me all the time. I happen think it's a great place to wow 15 year olds, remember we're not talking food critics here! Like you said, the steaks were steak, few, if any 15 year olds can tell the difference between Prime, Choice or Select cuts of beef. That being said, the WOW factor with the beef dry aging in the windows should blow these teens out of the water. It worked for me! And I'm a teen many times over! Furthermore, their mid-town location is usually very close to where most out of towners stay. So, Convenience + WOW factor = Happiness Gallagher's wins hands down!

                            1. Convenience, yes, wow factor, I still disagree once you get past the meat case - which seriously, probably isn't that big a deal to most "modern" 15 year olds - 10 year olds, yes (if it doesn't gross them out), but 15 year olds are likely to shrug, I think.

                              And seriously, nobody goes to Gallagher's "for the steak." They go as tourists or they go because someone else is paying for it and it's close. The bar gets a lot of after-work traffic. I guess I think it it amounts to kitsch, and I'm anti-kitsch. Luger's, at least in Brooklyn, manages to stay just this side of it, IMHO, unlike most of the self-conscious "NY institutions."

                              1. Peter Luger's would definitely be a great spot for hungry 15 year olds.

                                I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't see more entries for The Palm (or the Palm Too, which for some bizarre reason I prefer...) here.

                                The Palm Too is an EXCELLENT NY-Style steakhouse with top-quality meats and a not-so-stuffy atmosphere that you might find elsewhere. If you do decide to go there, make sure to get the onion rings and creamed spinach... to die for.

                                1. Robert's Steakhouse at the Penthouse Executive Club :) Just received 2 stars in NY Times 2 wees ago. OOOOOOPs!! the 15 year olds are not old enough to attend.

                                  Lugers, Sparks, Palm, all are good and the nastier the old school waiters, the better for the Sullen Ones.

                                  1. Ask a simple question right???

                                    Gonna have to disagree with most all of the other folks here...we are talking about 15 year olds. these are not foodie freaks who are impressed by a walk in dry age unit. they are not impressed by real japanese wagyu. they are 15!!!

                                    One more---Franks in the Meatpacking district. The 15y olds will love the fact that it becomes a nightclub of sorts at night, lots of good looking girls all over the place, but the food is still really good. I dont think that they would deny kids access, as they are primarily a restaurant, but call 1st. Another good option is Churrascaria Plataforma--all you can eat Brazilian steakhouse with several different cuts of meat carved tableside, a huge, impressive space and an excellent cold salad bar. great cheese bread. go to the one in Tribeca for lots of trendy folks. This really is your best bet, though it is obviously not a traditional NYC steakhouse

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                                      Give me Luger's with a wad-full of cash. Order the bacon. And desserts mit schlag. 15 year olds would like to hear that.
                                      In Midtown ... I like Ben Benson's. 'Cause he's a good guy. Have the kids ask him about the football Giants.
                                      On the other side of Midtown - Sparks. Tell 'em about the history. A little Big Paulie will go a long way.
                                      Can't go wrong with any of them.