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Mar 17, 2007 07:45 AM

Steakhouse advice

Coming from out of town w/ two hungry, sullen 15 year olds, want to wow them at a NYC steakhouse. Any suggestions?

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  1. Peter Luger's is top notch and is my absolute favorite.

    BLT Prime or BLT Steak are also superb (their popovers are complimentary and reason enough to go there).

    Sparks is great and big and old-school.

    1. Our favorite is The Knickerbocker, which serves steaks like Peter Luger but has an extensive menu and everything is great. It's on University & 9th so the neighborhood is nice. It's cheaper and we like it a lot better than the traditional steakhouses.

      1. Knickerbocker and Luger's should never be mentioned it the same sentence. Sorry.

        Wolfgang's (tribeca or midtown location) is great. Similar to Luger's and last minute reservations are possible. Go there!

        1. BLT Steak has great sides, but I was very underwhelmed by the meat. If the 15 y/o's are boys, they'll appreciate Strip House, but they are my favorite regardless. Always solid, and fantastic strip steaks

          1. you will get tons if you search steakhouse on here
            i like
            lugers(steak for 2)
            striphouse(great sides truffle cream spinach)
            blt steak(popovers wow!)
            many on chowhound reference keens i need to try....