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Mar 17, 2007 07:30 AM

Help With a Fondue Dinner Party

Hello all,

My bf and I are having two other couples over for a fondue get together. I have never done a fondue before so I need some assisstance!

I have widdled it down to a traditional cheese fondue for which I will put out potato, broccoli florets, asparagus, cauliflower florets, garlic and some good crusty bread.

Also, I am planning on doing a broth fondue with some sliced beef, and chicken. I think I will do some sauces for dipping but I am not sure how many to do. I think I will get a good mustard from Kolztinks (sp) in St. Lawrenece market (the best mustard you have ever tasted!).

Suggestions for other sauces would be fantastic!

I am planning on laying out some pickels ie. gherkins, onions etc.

Could someone please give some suggestions for appetizers, nibbles, or salads that I amy also lay out?

What about a cucumber dill salad and perhaps some hard boiled eggs with a little dollop of roe? Any comments?

Also, are small plates the best way to go for the nibbles?

Thanks for your help!


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  1. Granny Smith or other tart apple slices are very good with a cheese fondue....pears are good too if not too juicy.

    We find the meal very filling so we go light on appetizers....warm olives in fresh herbs...homemade curried pecans....bacon wrapped prunes...

    Enjoy your dinner.....

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      Grapes are good with cheese fondue too. If you're going to make chocolate fondue for desert, strawberries are essential, little chunks of poundcake are nice too.

    2. We just had a three fondue night in January - cheese, broth, and chocolate for dessert. We didn't bother to stick with tradition too much, and had a lot of fun as a result.

      We had the same type of dippers for the cheese fondue, with the addition of some smoky homemade kielbassa from the local corner store. I roasted the broccoli, cauliflower and baby potatoes before putting them out.

      We also fondued scallops and prawns in addition to beef and chicken in the broth fondue which was quite nice (as long as they're small - our scallops were HUGE and even cut in half, they took too long to cook.)
      I bought an inexpensive but yummy Asian mango-pepper sauce that was really nice with the seafood. I also had a spicy peanut sauce for the chicken and barbecue sauce for the beef.

      With all this food, I didn't bother too much with appetizers - but I had some olives, tapanade, and an artichoke dip to go along with the bread.

      For pictures and other tips (Use sterno! Lamp oil was a bad, bad, bad, idea!) check out this post on the evening:

      1. Must be honest and say I can't imagine doing a fondue party without chocolate fondue for dessert. I have a super easy recipe and fun ideas for dippers if you change your mind.

        I second the idea of Granny Smith apples with the's yummy.

        For dipping sauces for the meat, try a blue cheese sauce for the beef, Asian for the chicken (teriykai works well for both, actually).

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        1. re: wyf4lyf

          The apples are a great idea!

          Also, your blue cheese sauce is fantastic! I have had a hint from my future in laws that using french onion soup instead of plain broth is the way to go...adding blue cheese sauce to that is going to be heaven!


        2. I would serve a green salad on the side to balance the heaviness of the meal,

          1. I also like to have some bunderfleisch when I serve fondue - agree about the salad as well.