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Mar 17, 2007 07:24 AM

Romantic restaurants in the San Jose area

I will be in San Jose over the Memorial day week and it will be my boyfriends birthday. Looking for a romantic restaurant to bring him to that has good food. He likes Italian food very much and is a wine drinker.

I am also looking to find out if anyone knows anything about private wine tours with a romantic lunch or dinner included.

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  1. i'm going to recommend 'il postale' in sunnyvale - delicious little restaurant with fantastic service. if you or your boyfriend is a dark chocolate fan, phone ahead (2-3days) and request the 'boca negra' cake for dessert. they don't always have it on the menu, but it's a must have if they do.

    for lunch i'd venture up to ridge vineyards in cupertino, bring a picnic. the view and setting is awesome, not to mention ridge's wine.

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      Thanks for the suggestions...I had actually picked Il Postale off the internet as what appeared to be a good place to go. Thanks for the idea on the vineyard.