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Mar 17, 2007 06:31 AM

Going to Asanebo for Omakase tonight! What should I expect?

My husband is finally fulfilling my Christmas gift -promise and taking me for full-on Omakase at Asanebo tonght. The sweetie even called ahead to let them know when we were coming and that we wanted Omakase with the owner (What is his name?)

What kinds of things should I be expecting?

I am bringing a special botle of Schlos Shoenborn Kabinett riesling I have been saving. it's either that or a good beer. Is this a good choice? I find sake (and I only drink it cold) of any variatal actually doesn't match well with sushi or sashimi. Yes, I know Sake is technically beer.

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  1. bring what you want to drink - in the end you will enjoy that more. as far as the omakase goes, it will be inventive sashimi dishes. I dont think I have ever been served nigiri there unless I ordered it. And it is by far less exciting than the sashimi plates. really amazing stuff but, I dont know about you but sashimi deosnt get me that full and I usually walk out of the place pretty bombed after all the cold sake ive ingested. but youre mouth will thank your husband for the treat. jealous.

    1. you should expect an unforgettable experience..... i can still remember just how amazingly delicious and delicate the dishes were.... just a fantastic taste experience.... i would expect that whatever is the freshest for the day, you will get as well as some inventive dishes.

      1. awesome fish, I think it is the best in LA! Very traditional...and very good

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        1. Funny. I had just called my wife to see if she wanted to go tonight. You can expect a very nice tasty dinner. I love sashimi and they handle it beautifully.