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Mar 17, 2007 05:31 AM

Lime Rickey? (Old School)

Can't find a Lime Rickey done the way I remember it-starts out with distinct colors for cherry top, green bottom, you mix it, and then when you drink it each sip still retains within it the distinct tastes and sweet and sour nature of the mix. All I get now when I ask for one at a place that claims to make it is a "gourmet" attempt that doesn't work. It may no longer be do-able because the syrups they manufacture have changed. Where do they still exist?

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  1. Eisenberg's coffee shop on 5th ave and 22nd street has lime rickey's. I dont rememeber if they are made that way, but since it seems they havent changed in 75 years may be worth the shot.

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      Was about to suggest the same. I don't know if it's old fashioned or not here, but they are the best I've ever the place has real character.

      1. re: ballulah

        I've had egg creams at Hinsch's in Bay Ridge(5th ave btween 85th and 86th).
        Real old fashioned luncheonette, counter fountain and everything. Never asked about a lime rickey. But they might do it, if they have the ingredients

        1. re: bruklinboy

          Ray's on Ave. A and 7th St. across from Thompkin's Sq. Park makes a good one--cherry syrup,seltzer and lime--I like it-check it out-nice in the summer-refreshing-

          1. re: marlie202

            Tom's Diner on Washington Ave. in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn has the most authentic Lime Rickey around. Closed Sunday.