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Mar 17, 2007 12:20 AM

Zurich Street Vendor Food

Greetings from Texas,

While recently in Zurich, we enjoyed a somewhat type version of our American "Hot Dog"
from a street vendor except it was made with a light Bratwurst sausage and the bun was
a baguette which was cut in half and then pressed down on a sharp heating element
leaving a hole for the sausage & condiments thereby making it very easy too hold & eat.
Can anyone please tell me what this type sandwich is called, what the correct name of
the sausage is and if at all possible, I need the name of the machine they were using and
where I could purchase several of the units. I would love having these for our high schools
sports events and fund raisers as they would be something new & different. Any
information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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  1. I lived in Switzerland a long time ago and saw this. I believe they called it a Hot Dog. The sausage tasted very much like a Frankfurter/Wiener. The bread seemed to be a type of baguete which they snipped off the end with scissors and used the steamy spike to steam out the inside. You could probably do the same here but you couldn't use the mushy regular type hot dog bun.

    1. They're actually called hot dogs and the sausage is a normal frankfurter. The sausages are heated in steaming cylinder and the hole in the sausage is made with a heated spike. This is what these machines look like, unfortunately they run on 220 V so you'd need an adapter when running on 110 V