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Mar 16, 2007 11:56 PM

Haven't found any inexpensive eats in Torrance/Gardena

Looking for inexpensive eats (excluding fast foods) around Torrance/Gardena on a student salary. Any good noodle shops, Korean, Japanese, late happy hours or seafood restaurants a plus.

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  1. Rice Things on Artestesia Blvd, between Aviation and Inglewood Blvd. GREAT combo meals for under 7 bucks.

    Its Japanese by the food style but its not fast food really. But pretty damn good for the price!

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    1. re: Xericx

      I will check it out. We tried King Hawaiian Restaurant, but it wasn't that great. Good desserts though.

      1. re: Xericx

        Went to Rice Things right before it closed, take out only, but that was fine. I didn't care for the soba salad (bland) and I ordered the chicken soba soup, but when I got back to the hotel, I found out it was udon (thick noodles). Not much taste either. Definitely cheap for Japanese, but the food I tried wasn't tasty enough. I plan to try the combos on
        my next visit before I xo this place.

        1. re: lobsterlover

          yeah, i usually only get the combos.....the teriyaki beef or chicken and the katsu is is the salad out, the "sukiyaki"is like the beef at yoshinoya....

        2. re: Xericx

          Further west on Artesia before Aviation is a small Chinese place called Jade's that's pretty cheap for lunch. Inexpensive and fast service. Another inexpensive Chinese/Korean place in Gardena is on Western and 182nd called Little China which serves kim chee for appetizers. It's standing room only during weekday lunches and the food is above average. They specialize in soup noodle dishes which a lot of people have besides their daily lunch specials.

        3. Seafood town on Hawthorne right around Sepulveda has EXCELLENT lunch specials. I particularly like their pork chops. Very inexpensive.

          1. Here is a good site.

            also try Spoon House in Gardena, Italian/Japanese, very good, be sure to get the $1 salad and the coffee flavored desserts.

            1. I'm a sucker for L&L Hawaiian. Can feast off their bacon friend rice for DAYS (or share with friends....not).

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              1. re: brekkie_fan

                L&L should be right up lobsterlover's alley - the portions are generous - can't call it Hawaiian if the portions don't blow out your gut - the food is pretty good, and the price is right...

              2. Shin-Sen-Gumi, just east of the freeway on the Western Blvd. exit. First strip mall on your left. I used to eat there for lunch two to three times a week and now, living in San Francisco, is the one restaurant I truly, truly miss.

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                1. re: Carrie 218

                  Oh yes oh yes oh yes.

                  And Santouka, in the Mitsuwa Marketplace near 215th, too... get the shio ramen and drop the $7 that brings you shio ramen and whatever the dish of the day is... fantastic.

                  1. re: Carrie 218

                    We went to Shin-Sen-Gumi, great yakitori place, but don't go there if you think it's going to be a quiet place to eat. Reasonable prices, good beer, but not enough food to fill your stomach.

                    1. re: lobsterlover

                      You're kidding? I used to order the Takana Rice Platter for lunch and was always stuffed!

                    2. re: Carrie 218

                      Went passed there yesterday and made it a point to try it some day. I heard it was really good. Had the takara ramen at their other place on Redondo Beach and Gramercy Place which was pretty good a few weeks ago. They had a special that weekend for $3.00 which packed the people in even when it opened at 11am. I had the spice miso and my wife had the furikaki ramen. I especially enjoyed the little gyoza side orders. Sure was noisy with all of the traditional yelling out the orders and greeting the customers.