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Mar 16, 2007 09:41 PM

Hi Shanghai restaurant in Scarborough - anyone try it yet?

There's yet another new chinese mall that popped up where the Cdn Tire used to be, on Steeles just across from Pacific Mall.

The place is called Hi Shanghai. We tried to go a few nights ago and the line up were so long. Had a look through the menu and dishes seem authentic, with prices a bit on the higher side.

Just wondering if anyone has already tried it yet and is it worth the wait? Or is it just busy because it's new and everyone wants a taste?

Hi Shanghai Restaurant
Address : 4675 Steeles Avenue East, Scarborough, ON M1V 4S5
Telephone : 416-291-5117

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  1. I was wondering the exact same thing last night, as I happened to be in that mall too.

    1. Of all the Shanghainese restaurants in the area ( I can count at least 4 within a block of each other) this place IS THE WORSE!!! Lousy food ( cold and ultra-greasy) and service. Only plus - the decor.

      1. Hey Charles, which Shanghainese place do you prefer in that area? We usually go to Skyland de Shanghai. A friend of ours suggested one nearby Kennedy and 16th? I also tried one called 3-6-9 but wasn't too impressed with it.

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        1. re: Royaljelly

          Hello fellow Chowhound,
          My favourite Shanghainese place in that neighbourhood is " Shanghai House Restaurant, 633 Silver Star Blvd " ( next to No Frills ). Love their duck and various type of pot stickers. As for the one close to Kennedy and '14th', they used to be very good but as of last year, the chef has moved to the Shanghainese restaurant in Glen Cameron, Thornhill. Consequently, havn't given it a try since. 3-6-9, in my opinion, is just a mediocre.' Shanghainese bistro' with sub-par food. Tried it once and never returned. Lastly, heard some really good thing about the relatively new restaurant at the corner of Denison and Kennedy, next to the huge Chinese super-market. Meant to give it a try but couldn't find the time. Happy chowing!
          PS: Cannot understand why people keep on mentioning Asian Legend?!! Food in their main store as well as their branches are all 'mediocre'. There are so many other places that serve better tasting and more authentic dishes than they!!!!

          1. re: Royaljelly

            i've been to skyland a couple of times, i like the decor but that's about it. i find the food there a notch or 2 below mediocre. it's greasy and not very flavorful. i've been there 2-3 times a few months apart and each time i was underwhelmed. i'm still looking to find a really great Shanghai resto...i'll prob try what Charles recommends in the future.

          2. tried it yes; not being too familiar with other restos in the area, can't compare but i didn't think it was very good value for the price: service wasn't great (tho that doesn't bother me too much if the food is good). the deco is beautiful and a nice change: evokes lai wah heen interior tho much smaller. the best thing i had was the pan fried bao tse (??) - it's the doughy buns filled with meat/veggie that usually come steamed but this had nice crispy pan fried bottom. other items: lamb shank, i think, which was one large hunk of meat in brown sauce. actually, can't remember what else i had (and i had a lot too) ...guess it wasn't a memorable nite....

            .... actually, i'd rather go to Asian Legend....

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            1. re: berbere

              i also tried it out today too... the place was totally empty... around 3pm of course. We had a soup noodle with shredded pork (I think), bamboo and sour veggies. It was just ok, still not as good as the one we used to love at Fang's. Also had the pan fried buns, which was very standard (the skin was overly thick on one side). The pork ribs on taro was interesting (a bit spicy) and the deep friend tofu squares with this cream/crab brain? sauce was a bit too strong on the sauce. Agreed that the decor is quite nice and it is a bit on the pricey side. But in the end, I'll stick to Skyland and the one on Glen Cameron for now.

              Charles, I thought that Shanhai House had closed up already? Is it that strip mall with the Sup Sup bookstore? Someone was saying that Hi Shanghai was actually the same owners as the one previously on Silver Star Blvd?

              1. re: Royaljelly

                Ref: Shanghai House
                Called them up today. No one answers the phone. Guess they must be closed. Oh well! Another fine restaurant down the drain!

            2. Been there a few times actually. i agree the food is on the expensive side but its authentic shanghai food coz im shanghainese ;) the environment also makes up for it. I usually try to stay away from skyland because the owners have really bad attitude. They yelled at my friends and i when THEY gave us the wrong food and we didn't even order it, cant even reason with them.

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              1. re: Janice_R

                I would say Hi Shanghai is the best of the bunch in the area. The price is quite reasonable since the portions are quite large in comparison to others. Plus the atmosphere is nice and it's super clean. I would rather pay more for that, at least for the time being since the mall is still new.

                1. re: caitlink

                  I'd say Hi Shanghai restaurant has nice food, at decent prices. But the service is slow during busy times due to under staffing.

                  Also, don't ever book an event there, such as a wedding reception...
                  I just got screwed by them for a Wedding Reception.. When we first approached them they say they can do whatever we need, and are flexible. Then later, they call and say they can't get partitions to section off the restaurant, which is really strange. Toronto is a big city, and this should not be a problem.
                  They later called again and finally gave us the real reason; they want us to pick the more expensive menu from what we originally picked (from the list of menus they themselves provided), saying things like we will lose money, etc. Chalk it up to inexperience, but they should honor their commitments.. so now we have cancelled and have to find another restaurant in short time... and will have to reprint our wedding invitations. Needless to say, I will never eat there again.