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$1 oysters

Great oysters for Happy Hour from 5-7pm M-Sat and 4-7pm Sun at Mecca on Market Street between Dolores and Church Streets (towards the Castro). They also have awesome $6 cocktails to go with their $1 oysters. Paul is one of the coolest bartenders there. Very friendly but semi-upscale ambiance. It's definitely a great place to hang out, "in cognito".

There's also a new place that just opened up on Market and 14th Streets, Woodhouse Fish Company. They have $1 oysters on Tuesdays from 5pm-closing and $7 dungeness cold crab.

Another place for Happy Hour $1 oysters towards Russian Hill is the Hyde Street Seafood House on Hyde and Jackson Streets. Fabulous oysters at $1 during happy hour, 7 days a week.


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  1. Add to your list Scott Howard in the FiDi: $1 oysters every Monday through Friday; along with all of their specialty cocktails for something like $5.

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        Checked out SH's happy hour last night--had great $5 cocktails and hama hama oysters with a garnish of shallots and, i think, cucumbers. came with a minonette of yuzu and rice vinegar. i was under the impression that the garnish/sauces change periodically.

        their bar menu also has a grilled cheese and tomato soup for $7, some short ribs for around $7 and i think 2 other cheaper items.

        i'll definitely go back--especially since it goes until 7 every night.

      2. $ 1 oysters at Bacar for Thursday and Friday happy hour (friday happy hour is 2:30-6:30, I believe).

        1. $1 oysters at Hog Island's happy hour on Mondays and Thursdays, too.

          1. $1 Oysters at T-Rex in Berkeley 3-6 p.m. everyday, with $5 cocktails and $3 draft brews. Lukas Oakland has $1 oysters, maybe Mondays?

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              If we are getting into the East Bay, don't forget Sea Salt's daily $1 oyster happy hour.

              And for the brave ... El Tapatio on 23rd in Richmond ... $1 oysters 24/7 ... served out of sort of a taco truck.

            2. Surprisingly I had great $1 oyster at happy hour at east side west in the Marina. We had the Cortez ones. The only bad thing is the cocktail sauce - it was not even really cocktail sauce - more like ketchup and hot sauce. Some of the ones at Hog Island during happy hour is pretty good too but remember to ask them what kinds they have that particular day.

              1. Don't miss Monday $1.00 at Luka's Taproom in Oakland -- B'way and Grand.

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                  How about in the Sunnyvale or Milpitas areas??

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                    Hawgs Seafood in Campbell and San Jose has $1 oyster happy hour. Anyone tried it?

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                      As I mentioned in a separate post Sotto Mare in the former New Pisa on Green
                      Street has one dollar oysters and clams all the time. Closed Sunday.

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                        I've found it hit or miss - sometimes the oysters are really good and sometimes they taste pretty old.

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                          Thanks, alis, any other places in the South Bay to recommend?

                  2. Yes! We *need* this list.

                    My addition: Cafe Rouge, 4th St in Berkeley, Wednesday night from 5:30 to 9:30

                    Yabbies on Polk used to have a great $oyster happyhour. But then they
                    changed hands or something a while back and I haven't been back and their
                    website is some flash-only disaster that won't load so I have no idea if it's still
                    on. But if it is: Yabbie's

                    1. Blue Pointe, downtown on Kearny, has also had a $1 oyster happy hour sign up for a few weeks. I've had a questionable dinner experience there, but my guess is that it's pretty hard to screw up oysters...

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                        I stopped by Blue Pointe about a month or so ago after work. Yeah, they might be $1, though I'm not sure what kind of oysters they were serving (and the server couldn't provide the info.). I was hesitant, though I gave them a try: poorly shucked, with quite a bit of chipped shell.. and they were rather dry, meaning they had been previously shucked and were sitting around waiting to be served, or the lack of liquor was more evidence of poor shucking.

                        Given all the $1 options, I'd go somewhere else.

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                          Wow. I stand corrected, then -- they even manage to screw up oysters!

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                              Especially for a place named after a type of oyster!

                      2. Wednesday nights in the small West Sonoma County town of Occidental, the French restaurant Bistro des Copains offers $1 oysters.