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Mar 16, 2007 08:19 PM

Champa Garden lunch report w/pix

finallly made it to Champa Garden after reading many nice reports. we started with the Champa Sampler ( no. 14 - $9.95 ) which consisted of 3 items: the amazingly good fried rice ball salad, Lao sausage and fried spring rolls. This plate had great textures and flavors ..... a winner. Make sure to use the dipping sauce provided for the sausage / spring rolls.
The Lao Noodle Soup (no. 27 - $5.45 for a medium bowl ) had a tasty broth and house made rice noodles that are udon size/shape. The pork Larb -Thai style ( no. 17 - $6.45 ) had a nice kick and plenty of herbs. Service was friendly. look forward to returning and trying some of the other chow faves .....

Champa Garden - 2102 8th Ave @ E. 21 St Oakland, CA 94606
510 238-8819

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  1. The Champa sampler sounds like a real winner -- the Lao sausage is great, but a whole order is a lot for a small party .

    Thanks for the report!

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Great camera work, Gordon! We're salivating.
        We also ordered the Sampler - encouraged by our astute server - since we'd over-ordered on other items and couldn't resist the Lao sausage and the rice ball salad. The sampler was the perfect solution to tasting everything.

        1. Thanks to the number of hits on an "Oakland lunch" search, my wife and I went to Champa last week. We really enjoyed it, and would never have found it without chowhounds.

          Had the rice ball salad, of course, and the panang curry was very good (not real spicy, but very flavorful). The lad nar, however, was a little dissapointing--not a lot of noodles, and the ones there were a bit overcooked or had been sitting for a while.

          But overall, good food, good value. we'll be back.