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Cake Ideas

I'm trying to come up with a birthday cake and I need some flavor ideas. I know it has to have some chocolate (dark) in it. I love almond flavors. I was thinking a chocolate cake frosted with almond cream cheese frosting. I also love pistachio, coconut, coffee...any ideas? Any great cakes that you've had in the past?

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  1. Use the "Cake Bible" for sure. Try a mousseline buttercream with brown sugar instead of white.

    1. If you like chocolate, try White Chocolate Truffle and Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake
      An awkward name, for sure, and a bit time-consuming, but well worth it in my opinion. I made it a few years ago and it was a huge success.

      1. I'm not really into white chocolate though...

        1. chocolate cake filled with a mix of coffee buttercream and crushed almond praline, smooth a thin layer of buttercream on top/sides to cover, then pour with a dark chocolate glaze & garnish with dramatic shards of almond praline (just caramelize sugar, add sliced almonds & spread thin on Silpat, crush some for the filling & save some for the top)

          1. Ina Garten did an easy looking chocolate cake, called Beatty's on her show today.

            You can find the recipe on the foodtv.com website.

            1. Not a layer cake -- but my favorite is the Sharffen Berger "Riich Chocolate Cake" (adapted from Chez Panisse deserts) - delicious, moist rich. (Be sure to use the glaze recipe on same site). My favoite of the chocolate recipes I've made this year.
              The recipe does have some ground almond in this -- but more for texture than taste. You could pump up the almond by adding amaretto or almond extract and, riffing on babette's delicious-sounding suggestion above, top with some almond praline if you wanted to get more of an almond bang.

              Might be worth checking out their other chocolate recipes as well -- haven't steered me wrong thus far.

              1. This is a single-layer chocolate/nut cake that I got from Staunton's Fine Cooking's Fine cooking, October/November 2001 issue. I've made it several times for dinner parties. It's certainly not a traditional birthday cake, but I don't see why you couldn't stick a few candles on the top.


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                    I've made this cake a bunch of times. It's very good and always beautiful.

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                      This recipe sounds like an updated version of a childhood favorite chocolate sheetcake that my sister and I still make. Thanks for sharing it.

                    2. Devil's food with Peanut Butter frosting. Tastes like a Funny Bone

                      1. Try Martha's chocolate-ginger cake.