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Mar 16, 2007 07:37 PM

Need recipe for non-dairy dessert

Does anyone have any suggestions for a non-dairy dessert that's not simply putting fruit on a plater?

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Sorbet with a nice biscotti.

    1. Fruit cobbler can be accomplished without dairy, many cookies

        1. spice cake
          carrot cake
          lemon meringue pie
          key lime pie
          brownies with fruit sauce
          baked meringue base filled with blood orange curd and finished with sliced glazed berries
          fruit like apple or rhubarb mixed with some ginger sugar and baked with a nut topping
          susan g. purdy has a recipe in her "a piece of cake" for a chocolate dump cake i make all the time. it's from scratch, not a mix. most cake batters you can use oil instead of butter.

          1. If you're not opposed to tofu there are some really good tofu cheescakes. Some claim they're even better than regular. There are also some vegan cupcake recipes that are good. If you're interested I can post them. Some other ideas:
            - Any sorbet...esp. chocolate and coconut (ciao bella makes good ones)
            - macaroons
            - Some flourless chocolate cakes you can simply use margarine in place of butter
            - MS has a a recipe for flourless, butterless saffron mini-cakes with a fig compote in her April issue
            There's alot of good things out there, hope those ideas help.

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              I'm definitely interested in the tofu cheesecake and the vegan cupcakes.

              Thank you so much for your other suggestions too...I'll dig up my MS April issue also.

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                  I saw vegan brownie bites that Martha raved about on her show. They will take a trip to a specialty store for a couple ingredients, but they looked really good. They are on her TV website. The bakery that developed them is called Babycakes, NYC.