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Mar 16, 2007 07:16 PM

Secrets of sauteeing chicken breast w/leeks and wine?

There is an Italian restaurant near us that does a beautiful 'bricked' (flattened, somehow) chicken breast that is sauteed in what might be olive oil or butter or both, with leeks and artichoke hearts. The chicken is barely, barely browned and might be lightly flour-dusted. There's white wine in there somewhere.

If you were attempting similar at home, how would you proceed? (And what temps and times?)

The dish is called
Petto di Pollo Carciofi e Porri
chicken breast in an artichoke and leek sauce

At Antica Pizzeria in Marina del Rey, CA (L.A. area)

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  1. pollo al mattone is a very traditional tuscan dish, classically made with a whole chicken that's butterflied.

    if you want just breasts, i'd use skin-on. marinate overnight with chopped garlic, thyme rosemary and olive oil.

    drain the meat and pat it dry. heat a cast-iron skillet very hot. flour and season the chicken pieces. put them skin down in the skillet and immediately cover with foil wrapped bricks or big cans of stuff. sear till skin gets crispy then put in 450 oven. cook till done. remove chicken to rest, deglaze the pan with white wine. add butter and olive oil, quickly sautee the leeks and heat the artichoke hearts through. easy really.

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      Oh, my, that sounds really, really good. I know what I'm having for dinner later this week, after the corned beef runs out!

      1. When I do that kind of thing, I'll brown the chicken breasts in butter or olive oil (or mixture) very quickly over high heat on both sides. Then remove them from the pan, add leeks (garlic too?) and saute until tender, add artichokes and white wine (and any additional seasoning) stirring to deglaze, if necessary. Then return the chicken to the pan and simmer just until done. Probably don't cover, if you want the sauce to thicken slightly. That should do it pretty much. Once the chicken is browned, it won't take more than 5 minutes or so to finish cooking in the sauce.


        1. Had it for lunch at the Italian place.. here's a pic.