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Mar 16, 2007 06:53 PM

Spice Grinder Cleaning?

My electric mini coffee grinder, which I use solely to grind spices, is beginning to impart the smell/taste of fresh-ground allspice to whatever I "feed" it. How can I clean the darn thing when I can't immerse it in water? I tried grinding some bread to absorb the allspice -- but to no avail. What now??

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  1. Try some uncooked rice...

      1. I use a piece of bread - same idea as rice. I like the bread better, its slight moisture seems to pull spice powder and oils out of cracks

        1. Thanks, all. I'll have a go with another piece of bread, then move on to rice if the allspice remains too strong.

          1. Hah if worst comes to worst put one of those odor balls in there - don't grind the ball! Just let it sit there. These balls work for lots of things other than shoes.

            I have the same problem you have. I'll want to grind some jeera, but it always smells strongly methee. (It's my mom's old spice grinder, and we grind Indian spices - I'm Indian).

            Those are honestly hard to clean. I think I might have seen some medium quality grinders where the top chamber actually comes out and I'd like to clean that; however, I still want to use a high quality grinder.