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Mar 16, 2007 06:41 PM

"healthy" options in Diamond Bar/Rowland Heights

I'm looking for a place that serves "healthy" options in the area.

Thinking of something like a sandwich, preferably on whole wheat or on sprouted grain bread, with organic greens.

Some place where food is fresh and clean-tasting?

Any recs?

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  1. Well, how about healthy Taiwanese food (if that's not an oxymoron)? Canaan Restaurant in the food court at the back of Diamond Plaza (Fullerton Road @ the Pomona Freeway) claims to serve low fat and low salt Taiwanese and Shanghai style food. Not sure how they define low fat and low salt, though. But this is the first Chinese restaurant I've seen anywhere in the area making such a claim.

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    1. re: Chandavkl

      Have you ever eaten at that place?

      I am VERY curious as to how "low fat" and "low salt" Taiwanese and Shanghainese food taste.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        Yes, I've been to both the Rowland Heights and Cerritos branches. The fried tofu was quite crispy, which is one reason I question what constitutes low fat. And I considered the food to be salty enough for my taste, though I am not a heavy user of salt. But clearly, the fat and salt content was lower than the average Chinese restaurant, but not to the point where the food was bland. I suspect "less" salt and fat might be a better description, but I haven't tried enough of the menu to reach a definite conclusion.

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          I think "regular" Chinese can be healthy. Just depends on what you order. Stir-fried veggies or steamed dumplings can be healthy; whereas deep-fried items like tofu would not be.

          Probably true for most cuisines.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Agreed. It really depends on what you order. Sometimes though restaurants don't offer you a gamut of choices and stick to the "unhealthy" options.

            In a Chinese restaurant, for example, I'd love to order a plate of simply steamed vegetables. But most of the places I've been to don't have it on their menu.

            In a "chain restaurant," for the salads, they would have no choice of lighter dressings. And so on.

            With eating out most of the time, it's pick your poison. LOL

    2. I don't know of any whole foods kind of restaurant in Rowland Heights area, which is dominated by Asian eateries, not much non-chained sandwich shops.

      I would think sushi is pretty fresh and clean-tasting, and healthy if you have low sodium soy.

      There's also a vegetarian restaurant called Happy Family at Rowland Heights near Colima and Fullerton. It's not low salt, fat or anything. Just vegetarian. I assume if you order stirred fried veggies and nothing deep fried it's fine.

      Vietnamese noodle salads are also fresh and clean tasting to me, as long as you don't order the deep fried egg rolls with it.

      Korean soon tofu is not very rich.

      Guess there's always Souplanation.

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      1. re: notmartha

        You're right on the Vietnamese noodle salads. One thing that discourages me from Vietnamese sometimes is the MSG-aftertaste. But I guess it is okay if I don't order any of the deep-fried rolls, where they put a splash of MSG afterwards. Or the phos.

        1. re: jayes

          Yup. Some places are kind of heavy on the MSG in the pho. The noodle salad is served with the fish sauce/lime juice mixture, so somehow I wouldn't think MSG will be required to get the flavor.

          The other thing you can try is Vietnamese sandwiches. There's a Pho 2007 that's opened on Colima past Nogales (heading east). Haven't tried it yet but the sign said they have sandwiches and pho.

      2. Jaynes, Hate to break the news to you, but unless Coco's, Subway or other corporate venues are in your dining options, do the words: "not a fat chance" ring a bell? Diamond Bar is totally over run with Asian and Indian Resturants. Many are excellent, but low fat, and organic are not on the radar. (Trust me I live here and have to go outside the city to eat 85% of the time.) There is a Souplantation over on Colima near Puente Hills Mall off Azusa-- and that may be as close to healthy type options you are going to get. Good luck!

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          Where do you drive to, most of the time?

        2. I live in Rowland Hts. When I'm in the mood for healthy food, I eat at Little Tokyo Shabu Shabu at Diamond Plaza. No msg, the soup is just water, and you've got vegetables and clean cuts of meat.

          But for the most part, you only have greasy Chinese restaurants to choose from (not a bad thing btw) and Souplantation.


          1. I lived in DB for 17 years and there isn't much there other than fast food. One of the best sandwich shops in the southland is Boulevard Bagels on N Diamond Bar Blvd. They're a little "mom and pop" only open from 6-3 but they have awesome sandwiches and salads. Watch out for the just before work and lunch time crowd cause it gets packed!

            BTW - Souplantation isn't very healthy. If you read their nutrition guide most of their stuff is loaded with fat and salt.

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