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Mar 16, 2007 06:38 PM

Milk on Beverly

Let me preface this by saying that the entrees and pastries are good for anyone, but many desserts for only the lactose-tolerant.

The corner restaurant has a creative theme going. They have a selection of sandwiches and salads on a large board hanging above the counter. There aren't many tables inside, though they have a few tables outside, too. Warning: The windowed-walls almost tricked me into running into one of the "windows" on the side before I found the real entrance..hehe.

I got a Shanghai chicken salad..abundant napa cabbage, wontons, not too sweet dressing, sprouts, etc..ample chicken, but it was a little dry. I love browsing their pastry case. Interestingly, I saw a huge BLUE velvet cake. I didn't feel daring enough to try it - has anyone else? Lots of croissants, cakes, lemon bars, and so forth in the cases. My favorite part of the place is their 'milk' theme in their frozen desserts. There's an entire gelato/ice cream parlor section in the front, and a frozen dessert case with bon bons, dulce le leche and other huge ice cream bars (clearly 'home'made). Even better, up on the menu board, there's a wide selection of sundaes, malts, shakes, and other drinks with ice cream or other delicious flavors. Everything's reasonably priced.

Service was sweet, too. You can see a little bit of the action going on in the kitchen from the front, but I liked how I saw them replacing pastries or frozen desserts with new ones (the 'old' ones looked fresh to me, but this shows they're on top of things).

They also have a very small market section selling candy, hard to find sodas, cheese/fruit, and to-go salads.

It's a cute place, a nice stop on Beverly. One of the best pros about it is also parking (albeit few spaces, but what a commodity in that area) in the back.

7290 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles 90036

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  1. I live right near by, and have been there several times. Have only tried the pastries. Love the bacon and cheddar scones, chocolate croissants. The berry scones are good, but wish for more berries. Had the ice cream bon bon, but the ones we had had white chocolate, not my favorite. As to the Blue Velvet cake, my neighbor brought us a piece. It was dry unless you put on the blueberry sauce they give on the side, then it was good. Beware if you have the cake, the next day things turn out blue. Definitely worth trying. Haven't had the food yet,but will soon.

    1. I, too, live nearby and have and several of the panini's (all good-cuban pork; beef/horseradish (although, for me, I coulda used more horseradish); and the chicken), bacon/cheddar scone (yum -- we need more savory pastries!), and the buttermilk/chocolate-chunk muffin (it's even good leftover in my car from a day or two before). Coffee and espresso are good, too. Haven't had the ice cream yet, though, soon ...

      1. I took a piece of the Blue Velvet Cake to go yesterday - no blueberry sauce! It was actually very moist - and yes - things sure do turn blue!!!
        Had a Butterscotch Banana Ice Cream Bar that was very tasty too!

        1. I've been there twice. The first time I was not impressed (got chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream) but my SO liked it so I gave Milk a second chance and got Mint Chip. That was much better and I think it'll be a regular dessert place now.