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Mar 16, 2007 06:32 PM

Mexican and atmosphere

I have an East-coast buddy in town and I wanted to show off our Mexican food. I'd also like it to be a restaurant that is cute and comfie to sit in for a bit. Ideas?

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  1. For more upscale with atmosphere

    Good food but on the noisy side, not cute and compie but you can hang out here for a while- Mamacitas
    Colibri Mexican Bistro- nice spot

    Dona Tomas in Oakland is more cute and comfie- good food

    1. How about the Velvet Cantina,on 23rd st? Not upscale,margaritas and Mexican food together,which is rare here, interesting Mission crowd

      1. My friend, you speak of Guaymas. (Tiburon, on the water)