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Mar 16, 2007 06:27 PM

Korean Bar-B-Que

Im looking for a place that has those little charcoal hibachi's in the middle of the table where your grill your food. Looking for an elegant one in manhattan.
Any recs?

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  1. How about Woo Lae Oak? Not sure if they have little charcoals though.

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    1. re: wench31

      Woo Lae Oak is really good and we go there fairly often, but you cook on a gas grill, not charcoal. Every other Korean barbecue I've tried has been the same. I've never seen charcoal grills, but would be interested to know of any in Manhattan.

    2. Not elegant -- but has charcoal at table BBQ set up: WON JO

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          Does Gyu-Kaku have the charcoal grills in NYC? (I believe there are two locations now.) They do have charcoal grills in Los Angeles. These restaurants are considered Japanese BBQs more than Korean. What about Bann? I believe Bann is owned by the Woo Lae Oak people.

        2. Yes, love Gyu Kaku. They have the charcoal grills in the middle of the tables, and just opened a new midtown location on 51st and 3rd. They even have a long bar for single diners with persona grills. Yum

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            Gyu Kaku is often dissed as non chowish...but I am going on the record as loving it..I have been a gazillion times to LA locations, and in NYC. This latest location on 51st and 3rd I have not been to. The quality of all is great, it is fun, interactive dining, and many sides, dishes, if not all, that I have tried, are grand. It may not be a true Korean experience, but it is wonderful. Remembering that only once in NYC, but in LA so many times I cannot count, any meat marinated Miso,Harami Miso, the mushroom medley, the rice in the stone pot, asparagas in foil, much to be happy with. Many friends love the garlic chicken, the shrimp. OK, not authentic anything perhaps, but a great time and food!

            1. re: girlcritic

              I'm with you on Gyu-Kaku. My Korean friends slam it as being an authentic rip-off, but honestly I've found the meat to be better quality than the K-Town joints I've been to (maybe I've been going to the wrong ones?). Add to that the festive atmosphere and excellent service, and I think you've got a winner.

              Ditto on the Harami Miso, by the way--one time I went with about 15 friends on Wednesday for Happy Hour, and I think we had about 35~40 orders of half-priced Harami Miso and 8 half-priced pitchers of beer. Good times.

              I'd also recommend the Gyu-Tan (beef tongue), and they also do a respectable Kimchi Chigae (although admittedly, I would prefer to head to K-Town for that one).

            2. There's an entire block of Korean restaurants with the bbq at the table on 33 St. between 6th & 7th. We often go to Schilla (or maybe it's Shilla)

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                The K-Town main drag is located bet 32nd St between 5th and 6th Ave.