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Mar 16, 2007 06:24 PM

Oriel any good???

So I'm at my local shop and notice that they carry a wide variety of Oriel wines. I bought an 05 Bordeaux for about 22 dollars, which wasn't bad but not mindblowing, and was wondering about their other varietals. I'm not exactly an 'expert' on wines but I know a little bit. Does there 80 dollar barolo warrant the price? Is their Pinot Noir better than Willamette Valley Pinots (my particular favorites)? Just wondering and looking for some feedback from 'experts' or at least someone in the know...

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  1. Let me begin by saying I have *never* tried any of their wines, so I cannot comment.

    So why am I commenting? Because the concept disturbs me. I did visit their website, and I've only heard of one of the winemakers "on staff." The concept of wines from around the world under one brand name strikes me as not a good thing -- either you make tons of mediocre wine, or you pick out a few barrels and put high price tags on it. In this case, it's the latter. You can find great Barolo for a lot less than $80 . . .

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      I know this is 4 years late but I will respond to try to help others out. I just finished 6 bottles of Oriel wine. They were shipped for $75 incl. shipping. I looked up their prices first (all $20+) and figured I couldn't go wrong. I don't feel that the wines were at the $20 - $30 range which they are sold for. I do think they were at the $12 - $20 range. The standout was a 2006 Jasper Pinot Noir. It is sold for $28 + shipping on their website. It had a great nose and nice floral bouquet with a great finish. It was a little thin, even for a Pinot. If I paid almost $30 I would not be happy. There are many better $30 Pinots available. Most wines tasted like mediocre $12 wines. In fact I know a lot of $12 wines that are better than these. I hate to be so "price obsessed" but when comparing wines I do feel it is warranted. My advice is to not bother.

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