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Mar 16, 2007 06:09 PM

List the Best Cut of Meat at each of these Steakhouses!

I have tried a couple of these but would love to hear people's opinions on the best cut from each steakhouse. I vow to eventually try each and every one of them so whoever has experienced them please tell me the best cut of meat from each.

Places I have been to
Peter Luger- Steak for Two of course. Without a doubt the best meal I had in my entire life. From the fries, creamed spinach, and porterhouse to the Holy Cow Sundae! Amazing....
Ruth Chris- Had the Filet Mignon and it was really good. However, I saw their NY Strip and it looked amazing. The ribeye looked good too.

Places I intend to go to
Del Frisco's- Never been, but will go soon (within the month). I am considering the ribeye and the double eagle bone in strip steak
Keens- Considering the porterhouse or prime rib. No mutton chops for me!
Smith and Wollensky- Heard the Cajun Ribeye is amazing as is the prime rib.
Ben Benson's
Bobby Van's- I think their are known for their Rib Steak.
Frankie and Johnnies
Old Homestead- Known for their Gotham Rib Steak and Porterhouse
Sparks- Heard the Sirloin is the thing to get here
Uncle Jack's
Strip House
Capital Grille

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  1. I always choose my steakhouse dinner based upon the cut of meat that I am in the mood for at that time. Below are my picks!

    Lugers-steak for two or more!
    Del Friscos-double eagle is great! also the ribsteak is good.-Make sure to tell them not to put any seasoning on.
    Keens-porterhouse is one of the best dry-aged around!
    Ben Benson's-Prime Rib
    Old Homestead-Gotham Rib Steak is great!
    Strip House-Strip is good, but the apps are better(fois gras!)
    Quality Meats-Rib steak is pretty good- they have the best steak tartar in Manhattan!!
    Sparks-Good Filet Mignon
    Balthazar-the cote de boeuf for two is amazing!! Better than most NY steakhouses!!

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      Thanks a lot tbone your review was excellent! Definitely helped me out a lot. One question for you- What sides did you get at Del Frisco's and what do they top the steaks with when you say tell them not to put any seasoning on? Also what is the double eagle..a bone-in sirloin right?

    2. the porterhouse at keens is the best in manhattan.

      1. Peter Luger - steak for two, threee, etc. If you like bacon and have not tried the bacon app, it's worth it! I usually ask for the bacon well done,

        The Palm - I usually order the prime rib, end cut, bloody rare.

        1. Wanted to rev up this thread again! Since this thread I have been to BLT Prime and Keens. Both had great porterhouses for 2!

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          1. re: steakrules85

            The S&W bone in Cajun Rib Eye is the best steak I have ever had, period.

            1. re: princeofpork

              What makes in "cajun"? Is it the spices they put on it? Is it the same cut as the Colorado Ribeye that is on their menu? I am more of a steak traditionalist and believe a great steak doesn't really need much seasoning on it.

              1. re: steakrules85

                They use a Cajun rub on the Colorado Ribeye. I am normally a steak traditionalist myself, but this is worth trying. The spices end up bringing out more of the flavour of the steak, rather than overpowering it (which I was afraid of at first.)

          2. Del Frisco's- Ribeye
            Bobby Van's- Don't bother, poor steak
            Morton's - Best steak is not here. its the worst of the expensive steakhouse, definitely not worth a visit or the money
            Sparks- Sirloin is the item to get (really a NY strip)
            Strip House - Ribeye, but since you seem to like porterhouse for 2, they usually have that as a special and the people I've eaten with have enjoyed it.
            Capital Grille - ok steak, nothing great. Coffee rub ribeye if you wind up there
            Smith and wollensky's - Ribeye