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Mar 16, 2007 05:56 PM

NASIB'S Shawarma and Falafel

I was recently at ARZ bakery on Lawrence Ave and had not eaten lunch so decided to walk over and find something at the strip plaza just to the west of it.
There were a few choices including a few Sri Lankan places in that strip, but the windows on a few of them looked like they hadn't been cleaned for months so I decided to try Nasib's as it appeared quite clean. The menu indicates they have both beef and chicken sharwarma at $4.99 each. They also have a deal where for $5.99 you get two shawarma. I ordered one of each and ate the beef one there. It was really tasty. There are various toppings that you can select from to add to the sharwarma, including red cabbage, hot peppers, parsley, onions etc.

When I got home, I split the chcken shawarma with my wife, it was quite good but did not have as much flavour from the marinade as the beef one did.

They also sell various salads and falafel. I'll go back next time I'm in the area. They would do well if they were in the Greektown area. It seems like a better deal than the burger place that just opened at Queen and Broadview.

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  1. foodyDudey, is that the place that's just to the east of Nasr Foods? If so, I can vouch for their shawarma, as well. Very tasty.

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    1. re: FlavoursGal

      Nasr is at 1996 Lawrence Ave east, NASIB's is at 1867 Lawrence ave. It's about 100m west of ARZ bakery, on the south side. So it it's actually west of Nasr. Both Nasr Foods and NASIB's are mentioned in this article:

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        FlavoursGal, you're thinking of Farhat Shawarma, I think. It's really good, about the same pricing as Nasib's (which I haven't tried). I also love the baclava variety fresh-baked at Arz Bakery.

        1. re: Yongeman

          Thanks, Yongeman. I couldn't remember the name.

      2. FoodyDudey, next time you are in the area, try Shawarma Empire which is in the same plaza as Nasib. We've been to Nasib and agree it is good but for falafel and shawarma Shawarma Empire has a spicy topping which to us has sort of an Indian curry taste. Its also $5.99 for two. Warning : the lineup this evening was all the way to the front door, it took us over half and hour to get our order.
        We've been to Farhat a couple of times but the last time we were disappointed - found the meat to be of poor quality, lots of fatty and tough bits.

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        1. re: mellie

          I love Farhat for shawarma, especially the lamb--it's a little fatty, but so is lamb. We recently had falafels at Shawarma Empire. Although they're a bit on the small side, the price for 2 is good, AND they are excellent, as well as freshly made. I also had a shawarma here and it was very flavourful. Never tried Nasib's, though.

        2. Will definitely give this place a try, thank you.

          We tried Farhat's for the first time on the weekend; the beef was quite tough and chewy. The service at Farhat's was quite friendly though ... place is very small.

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          1. re: red dragon

            Farhat Shawarma is without question the best of the best. food and service... I would stay away from the beef, the fact that they have two spits of chicken going oposed to one of all the others should be a good indicator and the lamb is also very good. But the Chicken is the best...

            1. re: Connoisseur

              Hi Connoisseur.
              Thanks for the tip. We actually saw the beef spit being sold out faster than anything else and went with that. Will definitely try the chicken next time. Have you tried the lamb?

              1. re: red dragon

                The lamb is delicious, albeit fatty (that makes it better!).

                1. re: red dragon

                  The lamb is great albeit fatty as yongeman confirms, IMO the Chicken is more flavorful

                  1. re: Connoisseur

                    Going to try the lamb and chicken tommorow! Thanks again Connoisseur!

            2. Hi foodDudey,

              After reading your post and eating at Farhat's last week, I drove over to Nasib's today. I didn't order their sharwarma's, but they looked good. The place was as you said, clean and "very well" ventilated. I didn't walk out smelling like a meat pit ...LOL

              I noticed they did not have lamb sharwarma though.

              I ordered the falafel on a pita (never had one before) and it was very good. Crispy, full of flavour and very filling. Not sure if it's because I'm not an experienced eater of pitas yet, although I did keep the bottom paper twisted .... I ended up with most of the sauce on me!

              Thanks for the suggestion.

              Will try the shawarma's next time.

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              1. re: red dragon

                LOL on the sauce... This is esily the most difficult part of enjoying Sharwarma's and Falafel... I am such a Farhat's loyalist but based on your review and FoodDudey's I will try to try Nasib's...

                FYI on farhat my only complaint would be the Hummus, not so great...

                1. re: Connoisseur

                  Ok, I don't feel so bad now ... thanks! (t-shirt is in the wash as I type) ... Yes, try Nasib's and let me know what you think. Oh, come to think of it, I don't know if they grill their shawarms's the way Farhat's does. I only had the falafel today ...

                  Thanks for the heads up on the hummus as well!

              2. The original comment has been removed