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Mar 16, 2007 05:11 PM

Ice cream scoop - thirfty style

sure miss those days when ice cream was just 35 cents
especially scooped up from one of those cool ice cream scoopers.
hosting a ice cream party, and wanting to use the special scoops
for entertaining guests. where can I find it?...

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  1. I don't know which scoop is "it," but my mother-in-law, whose father owned a drugstore/soda fountain, always keeps a measuring cup full of water out--to rinse her scoop between servings. Seems to help, no matter which type you use.

    1. on another posting, one person said that they bribed a young kid at a thrifty's for the 'scoop' and he won't share it with anyone.

      to mamaciita: the schoop Rina is referring to is cylindrical and at thrifty's/rite aide they keep them in water. but the novelty is that it is cylindrical and fits perfectly on a cone (same circumfrence as the cone).

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      1. re: justagthing

        Yes, and you can get those cylindrical ones on ebay right now.

      2. just watched my guy order a cone tonite, and he forgot how big the scoops are with that shape! those are niiiice. might have to bribe someone for that.

        1. There are some on Ebay that claim to be "Thrifty type" but since I have never seen one in person I don't know if they're the real thing,

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          1. re: Neuromancer

            I purchased one and it is identical except the handle is about 1/4" shorter as they said it fits better in the smaller home containers. The ebay ones are stainless steel but they can also get you the original nickel plated ones from Thrifty. Just ask the ebay seller.

          2. yes they are correct, except i have never seen a heart shaped ice cream scoop.