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Mar 16, 2007 04:49 PM

Favorite Beer in America?

What's your favorite American beer?

Personally, mine is the Portsmouth Brewery's blueberry ale, which is seasonal, and they don't bottle. They make it on-site, and they toss a couple of blueberries into each pint when it's served. It's only available in the summer, unfortunately, but it's great.

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  1. My favorite American Beer is Bell's Brewery Oberon Ale. It's only available April-September so I mkae the most of the season.

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    1. re: chigirl71

      Interesting. Bell's line came to Iowa about 3 months ago. Oberon has been here every since. Haven't tried it. Two Hearted Ale kicks ass. I just tonight was able to score some Expedition Stout. Wow! This is not a beer for the faint of heart.
      Was also able to recently sample the Hopslam. I would like to replace my blood with with it
      But if I had to name a favorite, Three Floyds Alpha King would be it.
      Next week that could change. The quest for the best is never ending.

      1. re: Bobfrmia

        Bell's Expedition is one of the greatest imperial stouts. Garrett Oliver (of Brooklyn Brewing) reviewed it several years ago, and he wrote this:

        "Expedition? Not if you want to come back."

      2. re: chigirl71

        Across the board I have been enjoying all the Bell's brand of beers and ales. I've been working my way through them with Oberon, Two Hearted, Oktoberfest and this week, Lager of the Lakes. Their Cherry Stout blew me away a few years ago. It might be time to go in and buy Expedition Stout.

      3. Starr Hill amber ale, from Charlottesville, Virginia.

        1. South Street's JP Ale in Charlottesville, Virginia.

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. I'll throw my vote in for:

              AVBC (Anderson Valley Brewery Co.) in Boonville, California for their
              "Brother David's Triple Abbey Style Ale"...........not seasonal but only
              available in "serious" retail beer shoppes