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Mar 16, 2007 04:36 PM

South of Atlanta -- Morrow -- Dining Suggestions Please

Go to Atlanta once a month, to Scott's Antique Show on Rt. 54 on Jonesboro Road. The area is starting to look a lot like Buford Highway, and we do eat at least one night at Dao Lai, a pho kitchen which is delightful, cheap and feels really healthy besides being pretty good..

So what else is around that area -- roughly from 285 to Route 75 at Morrow or Stockbridge. We end up going to Carabbas more often than not, but surely surely there is something groovy waiting for us? Mexican -- genuine? Even wrote to Cliff Bostock last year who recommended the Thai (Zab E Lee, was that it?) restaurant right off National Highway, which I gave up on a couple of years back when it changed hands and became dreadful.

Any chowhounds south of the city -- we're usually too bushed to drive over to College Park (not to mention traffic at the end of the day), where I've had some really good meals in the past.

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