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Mar 16, 2007 04:36 PM

Cape Cod

I'm going to West Yarmouth next weekend with a group of women friends. Can anyone suggest a place with mellow ambiance, really fresh food, moderate prices -can be fish, ethnic, american-anything good and interesting...and open this time of year........

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  1. I don't know about West Yarmouth, but if you're travelling to and from the mainland you'll need to pass by Sandwich, which has the <a href=";&gt... Tea Shop</a>. A nice place for afternoon tea, desserts, or hearty English fare. Open year round.

    1. Comment system ate my link. I meant to say "Dunbar Tea Shop" and link to

      1. If you are a lover of clam chowder you must go to Captain Parkers Pub.Casual atmosphereand good,not great food-But their Clam Chowder makes the whole thing worthwhile.One bowl is never enough.

        1. One of the only restaurants I have been impressed with down the Cape is The Road House in Hyannis. Great atomosphere, good food, service

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          1. Dunbar is great but 20+ min. from Yarmouth. I wish you didn't have a budget as 902 Main St. is THE place for a wonderful dinner.

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              Skip Captain Parkers. The chowder's no better than 100s of other places and the ambience is nill. The food is nothing special and can border on dreadful. The Roadhouse is a good choice and 902 is fabulous, but neither is modestly priced. You might try The Dolphin on 6A in Barnstable. Good, not great fare, with the focus on fresh seafood. Prices are relatively moderate and the room is quite cozy and mellow. Prices are reasonable.....

              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                I would disagree with your post, and actually with many of your posts about Cape restaurants. Almost everything I see is negative, jeez... I for one, really enjoy Capt. Parker's. It's very casual, relaxed, and the food is pretty good. The clam chowder I find to be fantastic (they've won several competitions around the area and Boston area, must be for a reason...) I also love their brioled scallops and some other dishes. It's nothing fancy, but I would never say dreadful.

                1. re: ParentMK

                  Captain Parker's is what it is; nothing fancy; a little worn; but I'll go for the chowder!

                  1. re: Pegmeister

                    I had this exact conversation with a friend just yesterday as we choked down a below average mundane totally pedestrian and not cheap lunch at Fresh Ketch in hyannis. I still try to find decent meals on main st (what are we thinkin") Have you tried Blue moon bistro in Dennis? Any suggestions for good chowder her on olde Cape Cod?

                    1. re: Amer5858

                      I have been to Blue Moon Bistro a few times after it was Contrast. I was not excited, impressed nor do I feel a need to go back. I miss Contrast Bistro.

                      1. re: Amer5858

                        The quahog chowder at Wimpy's in Osterville is consistantly top notch. They also do a fine Oysters Rockerfeller, Lobster Newberg, and have a varied menu with more hits than misses.

                        The clam and mussel chowder at The Brewster House on 6A is the very best I've tasted anywhere. Well worth a special trip IMHO.

                    2. re: ParentMK

                      I'm sure you're not alone in your opinion. But isn't that the norm for any opinion based message board? People's tastes vary and one man's treasure is another's trash. My posts are mostly negative? I'd take exception to that but it may be true as I find far too many Cape restautants skate by on their laurels, prey on the tourist trade, and just simply put out a marginal product. Last count there was over 1000 restaurants on Cape Cod, the far majority being independantly owned. There are many gems spread throughout the penisula but far more that don't qualify. Yes, Captain Parkers is casual. Most Cape places are. The chowder is okay, but IMHO not worth a special trip. Winning a chowder festival, which is often political, is no barometer of how good it will be in a given restaurant. Making a 300 gallon batch rarely translates to what is made in-house. Broiled scallops? If the ingredients are fresh, its pretty difficult to srcew that up! Dreadful? Try ANYTHING with their 'seafood' stuffing, or anything else that requires a chef's flair or creativity. It doesn't exist. Most every local I know goes there because the drinks are cheap and most of the food won't hurt you. Hardly a CHOWISH place and thus worthy of my criticism. There a many fine restaurants of all ilk here, but I'll always speak up when I hear people cry out how you MUST try Captain Frosty's, or Baxters, or British Beer Company, or many of the other marginal establishments. There are too many worthy places for praise, although admittedly, not as many as there should be given the sheer number. By the way, I'd happily return the favor and offer my critique of YOUR posts, but I only see two. Thanks for contributing.

                      1. re: CapeCodGuy

                        I'll assume that you are responding to ParentMK's posts, and just happened link it below mine, guess I'm a little sensitive today. In any event, people are never going to agree on everything. The cape has a lot of good restaurants. One place I like in particular is the Scargo Cafe, and a number of people have trashed it, but that's ok, I'm still going to dine there. The point is, read everyone's posts and go with the hound whose opinion is closest to yours when you're looking to try a new place.

                        1. re: CapeCodGuy

                          so what places do you recommend? heading your way thursday am. there for 2 days. would love some recs for casual fish shacks. or perhaps healthy mexican. does it exist in your parts?

                          1. re: tracyk

                            Depends where you are staying but there a many good shacks on the peninsula. Osterville Too is pretty good at the Millway marina at Barnstable Harbor. Just a block from the town beach. Further down 6A in Dennis is the Sesuit Harbor Cafe right on the jetty. A worn down old building serves up tasty fried and broiled fare. Keep going down 6A and you'll past Kate's then Cobies, both good choices but not yet open for the season. In Orleans, many locals like Sir Cricket's. As for Mexican, it's not my forte but Sam Diego's in Hyannis is good for what it is, more Tex-Mex than Mexican. Burrito Bustro in the KMArt Plaza has tasty healthy lunch options. Kind of Cal-Mex if you know what I mean. El Guapo's in Brewster on 6A is a good lunch option for healthier fare in a spot by the General Store that is quintessential Ole Cape Cod.

                            1. re: CapeCodGuy

                              For Mexican don't forget Aye Carumba in Harwich Center and in Mashpee. It is as authentic as you can get around here. The chef is from somewhere in Central America so the food is not technically Mexican but is always very good. They also have a Tequila bar.
                              Captain Cass at Rock Harbor in Orleans is good for a lobster roll if they're open.

                              1. re: oysterguy

                                I used to love Aye Carumba but really hate the fact they use plastic plates and forks. From an environmental perspective they suck and it takes away from what could be potentially a great place. Course, every take out container is styrafoam so go figure.

                                1. re: phelana

                                  I'm not 100 percent sure but the use of plasticware has to do with limited septic and dishwashing facilities and is probably imposed by the board of health. It is not cheaper to use plastic. I have not been to the one in Mashpee/Falmouth to know what they use for utensils.

                              2. re: CapeCodGuy

                                Thank you!
                                We'll be staying in Harwich. We were there last September and I am kicking myself for not keeping a log of the different places we went to (what kind of CH am I?), b/c nearly a year later, they're all blending together. I know we went to Kate's at the beach (not impressed) and Sir Cricket's. We went to JT's? I think that was my fave lobster roll. The weather is supposed to be crap, so I am focusing all my energies on eating.

                                1. re: tracyk

                                  I love Friendly Fisherman in Eastham for lobster rolls. JT's is ok in a pinch.