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Mar 16, 2007 04:33 PM

looking for some best of Recs for philly

thin crust pizza

scungili and calamari


crab cakes

complete lobster (shore) dinner

raw bar

prime rib




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  1. Rolings in Elkins Park has the best bagels - I heard they are bringing them to a deli over by Rittenhouse square on Fridays only. Raw bar might be XIX. Thin crust pizza - see the exchange on this board recently re: NY Pizza. Have to consider the others a bit!

    1. Not in the city...but if out near Phoenixville, Seven Stars Inn is great for prime rib- so much food too! reserve it though when making reservations. Also the crab stuffed mushrooms are delicious!

      1. Here are my humble opinions:

        thin crust pizza - still looking

        scungili and calamari - calamari salad at Matyson is my favorite

        pastrami - nothing to match NYC. And Smoked Joint's smoked pastrami is, sadly, history.

        raw bar - Sansom St. Oyster House

        bagels - Rollings - Bigley, do you know which deli near RS is getting them?

        challah - Rollings for kosher, Metropolitan for non-kosher

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        1. re: Susan H

          Maxx's Produce, on 20th b/w Spruce and Locust, gets Rollings delivered on Fridays.

          1. re: JT007

            Thanks JT - was trying to remember!

        2. are you from Philadelphia? because if you are visiting, these aren't the best things to look for in philadelphia.

          1. thin crust pizza - Taconelli's, in Port Richmond. Nothing else comes close - not even in other cities. Get the white pizza with chopped tomatoes, spinach & garlic - that's their original.

            Heard recently that there's terrific pastrami in the new deli in Reading Terminal Market.

            shore dinner - go to the shore

            bagels - decent ones, but none like NY. We get ours in Montclair.