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Does Mexican Coke Have More Caffeine?

Does Mexican Coca-Cola have more caffeine in it? I'm not a regular caffeine drinker but noticed after drinking a Mexican bottled Coke, I'm flying a bit. I might have a US Coke or ice tea every 2-3 days and never get the same buzz, so I'm wondering since it's now happened twice (local conveience store started carrying them).

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  1. it doesnt list how much caffeine is in it on the can or bottle?

    1. Could it be the cane sugar sweetener used in the Mexican Coke versus the corn syrup sweetener used in the U.S.?

      Maybe it's a sugar buzz.

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        they really dont use HFCS in their coke? i just find that hard to believe since Coke is such a big company i figured they'd have everything so unifom, yknow.

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          The United States is the ONLY country that uses HFCS. All others use sugar. This is because the United States government has a subsidy on corn which makes it TOTALLY cheap for companies to buy; cheaper than cane sugar even.

          It's a political issue, not a corporate one. The difference in caffeine is minimal, and wouldn't account for the "buzz." It's most likely psychosomatic.


      2. No, I'm pretty sure that Mexican produced Coca Cola uses cane sugar as a sweetener, rather than HFCS. I saw some this week at a local Hispanic market here in the Chicago suburbs. They were selling for $1.69 for each 12 ounce bottle.

        I'm not a cola drinker, but from what I've read and heard, there is a significant flavor difference for cola aficionados.

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          Agreed. I buy Mexican Coca Cola whenever I can because of the cane sugar. The taste is great and it's very crisp. Mmm...

        2. While I'm not a big caffiene drinker, I do drink sugar so it's not the sugar. And yes, Mexican bottled coke does usecane sugar and it has a different flavor. I think crisp or a slight bite is a good description...HFCS is smoother. I found a conveience store that sells them for a $1, which is semi-amazing given they're imported.

          Re: listing the ingredients...they do list in order of percentage (more being first) but no particular breakdown.

          Oh well, I know it' s the coke since I've tested it a second time. I'll just be aware of it.

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            I pay .79 to .85 c per 12 oz bottle for Coca Cola de Mexico at regular supermarkets in Houston. Sticker attached with nutritional data since it's not required in Mexico. 150 Calories, 39 grams azucares. Caffeine is listed last among ingredients but no quantity.

            The premium for Coca Cola de Mexico at taquerias (in bottles) is steeper than that.

          2. intresting enough, if you purchase Dr. Pepper from the Dublin Texas Bottler, who uses Cane Sugar and not HFCS, you get a similer crispness or bite that the HFCD Dr. Pepper does not have.

            1. wow, cool. id like to try the mexicoke. never have it here but im up for anything.

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                They sell them (in bottles of course) at Costco!

              2. I lived in Xalapa Veracruz for about 5 years where I taught English. I definitely noticed differences between the soda in Mexico and that in Hawaii anyway. Normally in the US I drank Pepsi rather than Coke. But, when I went to Mexico I noticed that the Pepsi tasted really different and the coke wasn't so bad, more like the Pepsi than the Coke in the USA.

                I had a student in my English class who worked for Cocacola over there and he told me that Cocacola was a subdivision of the Cocacola internaticional corporation. (Ex-president Vicente Fox used to be the head of Cocacola Mexico.) But, Pepsi is made in Mexico by authorized franchises who don't possess the same technology as the regular Pepsi corporation. They don't have the ability to economically remove the molasses from the sugarcane. If you look at Mexican sugar in the stores, it is normally not as white as American sugar because its not as highly processed. But, Cocacola Mexico has the ability to refine it.

                It would make since that it uses cane sugar as sugar cane is a popular crop at least in Veracruz. My wife comes from a sugar growing area and her father and one brother farms sugarcane. Anyway, the corn normally grown in Mexico is white corn different from the yellow corn normally grown in the USA. And it might not make the same quality of corn syrup. Anyway, now I drink neither coke nor Pepsi because I try not to drink caffeine. Take care.

                1. my guy LOVES Mexican Coke from the first time he read it on a bar menu at the W Hotel. He found a local place in Inland Empire, but when he has to, hops over to BevMo for more $.

                  1. I just got a tip that Kosher for Passover coke is made with sugar and not HFCS...check out the Passover aisle at the supermarket!

                    1. As an aside, the only reason HFCS is cheaper in the US than other countries is that the corn is so heavily subsidized here in the states. For my part, I'd pretty much always rather drink something flavored with sugar than HFCS.

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                        Also, the US has a relatively high tariff on sugar to protect beet farmers and cane growers. That's why Lifesavers moved to Canada.


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                          I was drinking Mexican Coca Cola for the past week - and I was also having trouble sleeping for the past week. I just made the connection. My guess is it has much more caffeine.

                      2. I am not a regular coke drinker, at least not for years. It is too syrupy tasting. Recently at a restaurant, there was no diet sodas, so I reluctantly ordered a regular coke. It was delicious and it was Mexican! I remember drinking coke like this back in the Dominican Republic and always loving it! I found out why I have been off of it for so long ..... HFCS.

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                          Sodas with cane sugar have a much cleaner, lighter taste. I haven't had cane sugar Coke, but I've had Jones Soda made with cane sugar. The strawberry lime is fantastic.

                        2. Everything tastes better in a bottle. I enjoy stopping in at little Mexican grocery stores, picking up a few tacos, and sitting outside drinking Mexican Coke from a bottle.

                          What's wrong with the bean counters in Atlanta. Don't they drink their own product?

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                            Bean counters ARE the problem. They see ingredients and packaging as costs which can be quantified and then cut if possible. There are no "metrics" for taste differences, unless they start losing sales.

                            As Einstein said, not everything that counts can be counted.

                          2. Hey well a year+ later...I'm hooked on Mexican coke. It stills me jumpier then regular canned coke. I drink MC every other day or less but I can tell it's makes me jumpier since they stock the work frig w/ canned HFCS coke. I'm in the process of stopping coca cola and all colas all together...the stuff is bad for you.

                            Now a rum and coke fan...but I'm interested to see if it makes any adult beverages taste better...or does it not matter?

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                              I sort of regret finding Mexican Coke at Costco because my Rum & Coke loving DH won't use anything else for a mixer now.
                              And personally, as a Dt. Coke drinker, I never really understood why 'real coke was so much better.' Now I agree, it's just that all of the people who told me that still don't know what they were talking about because they've never had Mexican Coke.

                            2. I think it's just the different type of sugar. I want to try Mexican Coke sometime, I haven't had the opportunity.

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                                Word of advice - if you drive into Mexico, don't ask the guy at Customs where you can get some "Mexican coke".

                              2. Could be it's so good you're drinking more of it. <g>

                                1. I just spoke to a friend of mine as I was reading these posts, and out of the blue he tells me he just called our local Coke distributor telling how much better Mexican Coke tastes than their product. Seems to me there are a lot of us seaking out Mexican Coke because it contains real cane sugar instead of HFCS, maybe we should follow my friends example and call our local Coke distributors and urge them to switch to Pure Cane Sugar.

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                                    I wondering if the disastrous agricultural flooding in the mid-west won't make it necessary for them to switch back to sugar!

                                  2. I like getting Mexican coke for occasional treats because I'm not into the HFCS, but I've also found that some of the bottles list HFCS and some list sugar as the main ingredient. Has anyone else found this? Honestly, I don't totally trust the labels. If you're at the Mexican grocery, check out the non-diet Fresca made with sugar sometime. It's delicious.