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Mar 16, 2007 04:07 PM

Does Mexican Coke Have More Caffeine?

Does Mexican Coca-Cola have more caffeine in it? I'm not a regular caffeine drinker but noticed after drinking a Mexican bottled Coke, I'm flying a bit. I might have a US Coke or ice tea every 2-3 days and never get the same buzz, so I'm wondering since it's now happened twice (local conveience store started carrying them).

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  1. it doesnt list how much caffeine is in it on the can or bottle?

    1. Could it be the cane sugar sweetener used in the Mexican Coke versus the corn syrup sweetener used in the U.S.?

      Maybe it's a sugar buzz.

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        they really dont use HFCS in their coke? i just find that hard to believe since Coke is such a big company i figured they'd have everything so unifom, yknow.

        1. re: ben61820

          The United States is the ONLY country that uses HFCS. All others use sugar. This is because the United States government has a subsidy on corn which makes it TOTALLY cheap for companies to buy; cheaper than cane sugar even.

          It's a political issue, not a corporate one. The difference in caffeine is minimal, and wouldn't account for the "buzz." It's most likely psychosomatic.

      2. No, I'm pretty sure that Mexican produced Coca Cola uses cane sugar as a sweetener, rather than HFCS. I saw some this week at a local Hispanic market here in the Chicago suburbs. They were selling for $1.69 for each 12 ounce bottle.

        I'm not a cola drinker, but from what I've read and heard, there is a significant flavor difference for cola aficionados.

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        1. re: redchile

          Agreed. I buy Mexican Coca Cola whenever I can because of the cane sugar. The taste is great and it's very crisp. Mmm...

        2. While I'm not a big caffiene drinker, I do drink sugar so it's not the sugar. And yes, Mexican bottled coke does usecane sugar and it has a different flavor. I think crisp or a slight bite is a good description...HFCS is smoother. I found a conveience store that sells them for a $1, which is semi-amazing given they're imported.

          Re: listing the ingredients...they do list in order of percentage (more being first) but no particular breakdown.

          Oh well, I know it' s the coke since I've tested it a second time. I'll just be aware of it.

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          1. re: ML8000

            I pay .79 to .85 c per 12 oz bottle for Coca Cola de Mexico at regular supermarkets in Houston. Sticker attached with nutritional data since it's not required in Mexico. 150 Calories, 39 grams azucares. Caffeine is listed last among ingredients but no quantity.

            The premium for Coca Cola de Mexico at taquerias (in bottles) is steeper than that.

          2. intresting enough, if you purchase Dr. Pepper from the Dublin Texas Bottler, who uses Cane Sugar and not HFCS, you get a similer crispness or bite that the HFCD Dr. Pepper does not have.