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Mar 16, 2007 03:47 PM

Orange Bubblegum in Philly?

Hi - Marukawa makes an orange-flavored bubblegum that I want to find for my boyfriend as a present. Does anyone know of any stores that sell this brand? I'm thinking maybe in Chinatown but I was hoping someone would have a specific idea...

Also, does anyone know of any other orange-flavored bubblegums? We're talking the sugary, hurts your teeth kind. Ew. =)


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  1. The "big" grocery store on Race between 10th and 11th (north side, I forget the name) carries it. They have a big candy aisle, which includes such treats as "Men's Pocky" :) Pocky are essentially very thin breadstick-type cookies covered in candy/yogurt/chocolate, depending on the variety.

    I've also purchased Marukawa gum at a small grocery on the west side of 10th, south of Race. They carry the 8-box variety pack, which includes 2 boxes of melon, grape, orange, and one that I'm forgetting. The front of the store is devoted to candy, and they have a great selection of Kasugai Japanese gummy candy. I'm going to digress and say that I highly recommend the gummies -- very concentrated fruit flavors, with 30% real juice in some cases, individually wrapped within the larger bag. I'm partial to the peach, and find the green apple a little too tangy.

    Another Japanese candy I adore are the Meiji Happy Panda cookies that come in a hexagonal/octagonal upright box. Both of the above stores carry them. They are essentially tiny shortbread "pillows" filled with chocolate. The "pillows" are stamped with a panda on them, which of course makes them taste better.