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Mar 16, 2007 02:34 PM


hmm... need to find a great restaurant for dinner.

am looking for quality over anything else?
was thinking about fogo?
but someone had suggested village gaucho?
or picanha....
haven't been to either... only been to fogo and by brazil....

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  1. fogo is the best in LA, no contest. it is also the most expensive. A good place is Pampas Grill in the farmers market. Greenfields in lomg beach isnt bad, but its not great. Village Gaucho is not good in my opinion, it lacks character and the food seemed sub par for a churrascaria. Ive never been to picahnas but im positive it cant be better than fogo.

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    1. re: Drpbdy

      It's Gauchos Village. Not sure what you mean by lacking character. Gauchos Village bursts with liveliness and fun, lots of music and they have dancers and the diners join in the dancing. The meats are flavorful, and there are lots of sides to choose from.

    2. I liked Pampas, but REALLY liked Agora. It's in orange county, though.

      1. I have been to Fogo de Chao and I think is the best, also Greenfeld which is just good not great, but it is better than Picanha in Burbank.
        Pampas Grill at the Farmer's Market is good for a casual meal, but can not be cpmpared to Fogo de Chao.

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          Update: After reading so much about it, we went to Gaucho's Village in Glendale today for brunch, nice place, nice salad bar, the variety of meats was small compared to FDC, they were serving, garlic beef (ok), picanha (not tender), tritip (dry), sirloin (not tender), pork ribs (very good), two types of chicken (bland), brazilian sausage (good), and polish sausage (ok). Service was just okay, not outstanding in any way, the waiters were having their own conversations with each others and not really taking good care of the customers. We liked it, we might go back, but still GV can not be compared to Fogo de Chao in quality, service, atmosphere or co$t.
          Our bill for 3 was about one fourth than what we paid at FDC, but in this case is true that you get what you pay for.
          I have to say that I think GV is better than Picanha.